Sharknado movie on Syfy: 15 best reactions on Twitter

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 11, 2013 

I hadn't heard of "Sharknado" until I visited Twitter around 10 p.m. Thursday night.

The disaster movie on Syfy, which focused on a tornado that made sharks fly through the air, dominated my timeline.

Witty comments focused on everything from the plot to the cast, which included Tara Reid and "90210" alum Ian Ziering.

The trend wasn't confined to my Twitter feed. Shortly after the movie aired on the East Coast, Buzzfeed posted a piece with this headline: "Twitter Goes Insane Over Sharknado."

Arguably, Twitter helped define the viewing experience. It was like a social media-based version of "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

Patton Oswalt echoed the sentiment when he tweeted, "No way is SHARKNADO as entertaining as the Tweets about it. Congrats, @SyfyTV. You've created a new way to watch movies."

Heck, even Mia Farrow referenced the movie on Twitter.

Here are my 15 favorite "Sharknado" tweets.


"#Sharknado shows what kinds of special effects you can make with an Etch-a-Sketch, a Pez dispenser and a lawn sprinkler." (@lenfeldman)

"Two-Headed Shark Attack with Carmen Elektra and Brooke Hogan up next. How will the Emmy voters go? #sharknado" (@journtoolbox)

"Usually twitter comes together for a horrific tragedy. So glad that we were able to unite tonight for something as glorious as #Sharknado." (@jasonlynch)

"I fully expect a blog post by @mcuban about how #Sharknado is ruining #SharkTank's image." (@Bookgirl96)

"But seriously everyone, a #SharkNado is nothing to joke about. To donate money to the victims text 'TaraReid' to 777777." (@JillBidenVeep) parody account

"Hipsters are now busy telling everyone how much better the original Norwegian version of Sharknado is. #Sharknado" (@RexHuppke)

"Best part of Sharknado is imagining the meeting where they decided it was a real idea and not Onion feature." (@JamesFallows)

"This was not the first time Tara Reid kissed someone covered in blood nor would it be the last... THE END. #sharknado" (@SteveAmiri)

"Nick Saban will be utilizing his time at #SECMediaDays to campaign against the unsafe tempo with which #SharkNado attacked." (@captainmcinnis)

"If your house is hit by a #SharkNado it is classified as an act of cod." (@emilybell)

"It's impossible to jump the shark when it's flying overhead in a tornado. #Sharknado" (@DoctorLongscarf)

"Little known #Sharknado fact: The story was actually based on 'King Lear.'" (@Nice_Jewish_Boy)

"These sharknado tweets are all a cover for Snowden sneaking out of Russia, right?" (@EC)

"Editors: Are you publishing a long, analytical think piece about Psy tomorrow? No? Then don't assign that Sharknado article." (@anildash)

"#SharkNado was more entertaining than #SharkNATO. No action ever since North Atlantic sharks signed a treaty & stopped attacking each other." (@NotBillWalton)

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