Ramsey an option to kick - but not this year

semerson@macon.comJuly 23, 2013 

ATHENS - Georgia seems likely to need a kicker the first one or two games of the season, and it very well may be that the best option, in terms of pure ability, is ... one of the quarterbacks.

Freshman Brice Ramsey wasn't recruited for his foot, but all reports are that he has a good one: Ramsey kicked and punted at Camden County High School, where he made quite an impression on Georgia coaches.

"Brice, he can boom it, okay, he can kick it," head coach Mark Richt said. "Now we didn't have him do it in the spring. But we've seen enough high school film to know he can kick it off, he's got a powerful leg."

Richt said that in April at a UGA Day event in Tifton. A fan had asked whether they might give Ramsey a chance to try a field goal this year. Now, this was before place-kicker Marshall Morgan was arrested for boating under the influence, which may or may not result in a suspension of one or two games. But the rest of Richt's answer, I suspect, is still applicable:

"It is tempting to put him (Ramsey) in there (at kicker). But if you do that, and he doesn't play any snaps on offense, then you've wasted a year," Richt said. "I mean (Aaron) Murray, if he didn't redshirt (as a freshman) he'd be gone. David Greene, if he hadn't redshirted he wouldn't have been there for his senior season. So we're probably thinking in terms of redshirting Brice, and not using that leg. But I don't know, it may be that his fifth year he kicks a 65-yard field goal to win a national championship, who knows. So he does have a big leg, and before it's over we're gonna test it out. But I doubt very seriously that we do it this year."

You would think that even with Morgan's (still unconfirmed) suspension, the Bulldogs won't burn Ramsey's redshirt for just a game or two. But Richt's comments, which I dug up today while cleaning out my tape recorder, would indicate one thing:

Morgan needs to have a good year, or else Ramsey, uninhibited by a redshirt year in 2014, might be a tempting option.

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