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semerson@macon.comJuly 24, 2013 

ATHENS - Let me start off by thanking all of you once again for reading over the past year, and thank you in advance for hopefully continuing to read as we get set to start another season. Georgia returns to practice in one week, and we consider that the start of our season. Actually, SEC media days is an unofficial starting point too, so we're basically under way.

We here at The Blog That Isn't Really Just a Blog (more on that in a sec) will continue to provide the best coverage we can, and in different ways. We're talking multimedia up the wazoo, whether it's video, audio, pictures, podcasts, basically anything we can. But the emphasis as always is still writing and reporting. So please keep us bookmarked.

A few weeks ago I invited all of you to think of new names for this here blog. We got a lot of submissions, most via e-mail, and I'm ready to announce that the winner is ... my editors and myself. It has been decided that the new name will simply be "Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson." Yes, boring and unimaginative. But effective, we believe.

Back when this blog was first conjured up, it really was just a blog on the side, meant to complement the reporting in the newspaper and regular web site. As the focus has changed in the media world, so has this blog, and plenty more than just "blogging" is appearing here. In fact, all my regular stories (news stories, features, notebooks) will be appearing here now, in addition to the attempts at snazzy multimedia. So the new name reflects that this is our Georgia beat coverage.

(Also, the URL is not changing, so no need to change your bookmark.)

Now, one thing that's not changing is our popular mailbag segment. So let's have one, shall we?

Besides my own expert analysis, Mike Bobo and Todd Grantham will be available later today, so that should help answering any questions or concerns any of you have. As always, you can submit your question by posting below, emailing me at, or tweeting at me (@sethemerson). I'll aim to post the mailbag this Friday.

So, fire away.

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