Happy baby news!

July 24, 2013 

A friend of mine, whom I haven't heard from in a couple of months, called me the other day.

She said, "It's a boy!"

I was confused for a second because I hadn't heard she had a husband.

She said, "No, the royal baby is a boy."

Oh, so the Duchess of Cambridge had a boy.

Then she said she read in People magazine that Bev Land and his wife, "Devious Maids" star Dania Ramirez, are expecting twins.

I reached out to Bev, who confirmed the news.

Bev, a Pacelli High School graduate, and Dania, got married last summer in Mexico, but really got married in February. He's one of the late John Amos' grandsons. Amos founded Aflac.

The babies are expected in mid-January, and Bev said they will be in Columbus for their births. It makes sense. "Devious Maids" is shot in Atlanta, and Dania often comes here to visit Bev's family.

Dania said she considers Columbus her second home and really likes it here. Bev, of course, grew up here, so it is home.

I should have warned Dania not to come to Columbus during the summer because friends of mine who had to live through a hot, humid Columbus summer would not recommend it.

I think I'd better send her an email to that effect soon.

I wonder if the writers of "Devious Maids" will write her pregnancy in the Lifetime series?

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