Is Alabama really America's most honest state?

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 25, 2013 

Alabama recently earned a national distinction that has nothing to do with sports. It tied with Hawaii for the title of "most honest state" in a study conducted by beverage company Honest Tea.

USA Today explains, "The company scored honesty by setting up unattended kiosks where its beverages were available for $1. A clear, locked box was left for people to make payments. Honest Tea employees observed from nearby."

Washington, D.C., got the lowest ranking, the article adds.

Does the news surprise you?

It's not entirely shocking, since it reinforces values consistent with Southern hospitality. Well, except for the fact that Alabama didn't tie with another Southern state for the title. And, um, Alabama and Hawaii don't entirely seem like the most similar states.

If you check out Honest Tea's National Honesty Index, you'll notice most of the South did well in the study. So that's another thing working in our favor.

But I still recommend locking your car doors.

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