Parents' Day 2013 is July 28: Yep, it's a real holiday

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 28, 2013 

Quick, buy a greeting card. Today (July 28) is National Parents' Day.

Aren't Mother's Day and Father's Day enough? Apparently not. Former President Bill Clinton made the day official in 1994, when he formally established the fourth Sunday of every July as Parents' Day, according to the day's official website.

It notes, "Since the creation of this annual day of commemoration, local faith communities, elected officials and activists throughout the nation have creatively launched many activities around the theme of Parents' Day designed to celebrate and strengthen the traditional, two-parent family."

The reference to traditional, two-parent families might not mesh with everyone.

A recent Associated Press article cites a U.S. Census Bureau report suggesting single motherhood is on the rise. "It found that of 4.1 million women who'd given birth in 2011, 36 percent were unmarried at the time of the survey, an increase from 31 percent in 2005," the article notes.

It also points to poll results in which 64 percent of respondents said single women having children without a partner is a bad thing for society.

Discussion time: What's the hardest thing about being a parent?

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