Ledger Inquirer: Overgrown lake bank no good for fishing

July 28, 2013 

Frustrated Angler Mary likes to fish in Lake Heath, which is in the aptly named Heath Park in the Windsor Park subdivision. Problem is, the lake's banks have become overgrown to the point that fishing has become difficult.

As you can see from the accompanying photo, it's good for the herons, but not so hot for the fisherpeople.

I talked to James Worsley, city Parks and Recreation director, who said if any cutting or clearing is done there, it's done by Public Works, and then only on the watershed dam, not around the lake banks. He said clearing the banks too much could destabilize them and cause them to erode.

So I called Public Works and talked to Director Pat Biegler and Deputy Director Ron Smith.

Smith confirmed that the city cuts the grass on the dam once a year, but that's so they can do an annual inspection of the dam. They don't clear brush away from the banks around the lake.

Sorry, Mary.

But Mary has one more problem with the neighborhood fishing hole. Turtles.

"The turtles have multiplied to the point they've taken over the lake," she said. "It's gotten so that every other cast, you pull in a turtle."

I couldn't resist trotting that one out to Biegler and Smith while I had them on the phone.

I explained Mary's turtle problem.


"Umm," Biegler said. "We don't do turtles."

Not even feral turtle colonies?

That got a laugh, but no offer of turtle traps, or spaying or neutering programs.

Besides, in the turtles' defense, put yourself in their place. What else you got to do all day?


Alert Broadway Resident and Gentleman Farmer Chuck reports that an Inquirer from months past is being addressed.

You will no doubt remember that last Christmas Eve, we reported on the terrible condition of a patch of brick cobbles in a cut-through on the Broadway median between Eighth and Ninth streets. Mostly between old, unused rails, the bricks were humped up in an undulating line that looked like ocean waves.

The surface was a menace to any bicyclist trying to traverse the median, and a teeth-rattler for cars and trucks.

Just recently a team of masons was pulling up the offending bricks, smoothing out the surface beneath them and laying them back in a bed of mortar. Looks good so far.

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