TIM CHITWOOD: Uprising amongst the Westvillians

August 19, 2013 

Insisting that the world keep turning our way, it's Monday Mail.

On the road again

How about the news Westville's moving from Lumpkin, Ga., to South Lumpkin Road? Not everyone's happy about that:


... Continuing the dream of John Ward West almost 50 years ago a group of historic and civic minded Stewart County citizens banded together to create an historic legacy for Lumpkin, Ga., namely Westville. The intent of the project was to provide a lasting asset for the city and county that would preserve and protect many local historic buildings and benefit the citizens of Lumpkin and Stewart county through tourism.

Many thousands of school children have taken a day to visit the collection of preserved buildings and observe and participate in the various period activities offered at Westville. My wife Gail was a May Pole dancer as a child and cherishes the hand made necklace given to her to mark her participation. Her great-great-grandfather, Charles Cornelius Lynch, built the beautiful Grimes House in 1842....

... Because of the recession and reduced traffic of the past few years the board of directors has decided it isn't making enough money where it is and needs to be moved to a larger population center. Oxbow Meadows in Columbus seems to be the destination. While I understand the desire to generate more money for the operation I strongly feel this move is inappropriate and contrary to the intent and desires of the citizens of Lumpkin and Stewart County. Take the time to go to www.westville.org and read about the building there and their history. Time and time again you will see that it was the local citizens that stepped up and volunteered their time, money and resources to make Westville what it is today. They did not do this to generate money but to pass on the history of their predecessors and to do so in Lumpkin, not Columbus or some other city.

If Westville is allowed to be moved, the heart of Lumpkin will move with it and the legacy of so many people now passed away will become just another exhibit in another town.

There are many, many citizens of Lumpkin and Stewart County against this move....

I don't know if you can help in any way but I thought you would probably share the views I have expressed....



Dear John:

Sorry for your loss. On the other hand, I'm hoping a 19th century village on the south end of town will provide enough personnel to garrison the Fort Mitchell replica across the river.

We just need a 19th century boat from the naval museum to ferry them.

P.S. Oxbow also has some fields that would be perfect for those Singer-Moye Indian mounds. The city of Columbus might volunteer the earth-moving equipment.

Tim Chitwood, tchitwood@ledger-enquirer.com, 706-571-8508.

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