Northside heads into season with Morgan Ingram as coach

August 25, 2013 

Coach: Morgan Ingram, first year (10-10 overall)

Assistant coaches: Roger Pritchard, Paul Cates, David Smart, Steve Sparks, Chris Porch, Frank Watts, Derrick Byrd, John Drew, Kenny Lawrence

Homefiel: Kinnett Stadium/A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium

2012 record: 2-7-1

Region: GHSA 1-AAAAAGood news: Simplify the offense, take advantage of your strengths -- that's what the Patriots are trying to do in 2013. Despite having a new head coach, not much has changed. What has changed is the offensive philosophy and the atmosphere surrounding a program that won only two games a season ago.

Bad news: A team doesn't go from two wins to region contender simply by changing coaches. It's going to take a lot of time, work and practice to change the attitude and approach on a weekly basis. The Patriots have a very good chance of being much improved this season, but they still have a lot to overcome, including a region full of both proven and unproven, but improved teams.

Our take: The region and the history are tough to overcome. Teams like Harris County, Hardaway, Thomas County Central and others are prepared to contend for a region championship this season. Northside very well may work its way into that conversation as the season goes along, but for now, it is simply focusing on being better than it was a year ago. Sometimes a simple change in atmosphere can make that goal a reality. I think that's the case this season for the Patriots.

--David Mitchell

2013 schedule

Aug. 29 Shaw (K) 7 p.m.

Sept. 5 Jordan (K) 7 p.m.

Sept. 13 Houston County (K) 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 20 Columbus (K) 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 27 at Russell County 8 p.m.

Oct. 11 Thomas County Central (K) 8 p.m.

Oct. 18 Harris County (K) 7:30 p.m.

Oct. 25 at Bainbridge 7:30 p.m.

Oct. 31 Lee County (K) 7 p.m.

Nov. 7 Hardaway (K) 7 p.m.

2012 results

Aug. 30 Shaw L, 21-0

Sept. 6 Jordan W, 41-14

Sept. 14 Houston County L, 41-7

Sept. 21 Columbus W, 47-10

Sept. 28 Russell County T, 14-14

Oct. 12 Thomas County Central L, 56-0

Oct. 19 Harris County L, 48-0

Oct. 26 Bainbridge L, 48-7

Nov. 2 Lee County L, 70-19

Nov. 8 Hardaway L, 33-20


No. Name Class Pos.

1 Larry Gilyard Sr. RB/DB

2 Kalan Watts So. RB/LB

3 Sergio Sabino Sr. RB/DB

4 Drew Wells Sr. WR/DB

5 Chris Gray Jr. WR/DB

6 Michael Norwood Jr. WR/DB

7 Demarious Hood Sr. TE/LB

8 Steven Crayton Jr. WR/DB

9 Jacobi Francis So. WR/DB

10 Devin Alarcon So. QB/DB

11 Tyler Pace So. WR/DB

12 Nathan Robertson Fr. K/WR

13 Daniel Price So. RB/DB

14 Levi Dunn So. RB/DB

15 Kiser Lee So. QB/DB

16 Jonathan Karastury Sr. QB

17 Josh Checa Sr. WR/DB

18 Tyler Rebber Fr. QB/LB

19 Tyrris Mitchell So. QB/DB

20 Rashawn Copeland Jr. RB/DB

21 Freddy Styles Sr. WR/DB

22 Nicki Haynes Sr. RB/LB

23 Marcus Wardlow Jr. WR/DB

24 Ja'Quaze Gaines So. RB/DB

25 Dawon Clark Sr. TE/LB

26 Taquan Walrond Jr. TE/DL

27 Kaden Freeman Jr. RB/DB

28 Jamar Austin So. TE/LB

29 Marlo Nesmith So. TE/LB

30 Dayshun Johnson Fr. RB/LB

31 Noah Forehand Sr. RB/LB

32 Victor Ballesteros Sr. RB/LB

33 Kyle Newman Jr. P/DB

34 Blake Pace Sr. OL/LB

35 Isaiah McNickles Sr. RB/DB

36 David Apaig Fr. RB/DB

37 John Duckworth Sr. TE/LB

38 Carson Parker Fr. RB/LB

39 Shamar Brown Fr. WR/DB

40 Lorenzo Clay Fr. TE/LB

41 Stephen arker Fr. RB/LB

42 Nick Seldon Sr. RB/LB

43 Jerel Jackson So. WR/DB

44 Charles McCune Sr. RB/LB

45 Christian Johnson So. TE/LB

46 Bailee Turpin Fr. WR/DB

47 Justin Machado Sr. RB/LB

48 Hunter Wommack So. WR/DB

49 Gerald Russell So. WR/DB

50 Justin Vaughn Jr. OL/DL

51 Elisha Osakwe Sr. OL/DL

52 David Pierce So. OL/LB

53 Jason Blackburn So. OL/LB

54 Mitevious Lusk So. OL/LB

55 Gabe Gordon Jr. OL/DL

56 Gage Glisson Fr. OL/DL

57 Marcus Johnson Sr. OL/DL

58 Austin Thornton Sr. WR/DB

59 Will Harper So. OL/DL

62 Kedar Hickey So. OL/DL

63 Kelly White So. OL/DL

64 Ryan Harstad Fr. OL/DL

66 Austin Pratt So. RB/LB

67 Hayden Boyd Fr. OL/DL

68 Mike Byrd So. OL/DL

70 Luke Carty So. OL/DL

71 Thomas Humphery So. OL/DL

72 Joseph Goosby Sr. OL/DL

73 Edward Richard So. OL/DL

74 Dawson Waldrop Fr. OL/DL

75 Bailey Banks So. OL/DL

76 Bradley Spear Jr. OL/DL

77 Carya Scott Jr. OL/DL

78 Crawford Sean Sr. OL/DL

80 Shelton Johnson Sr. WR/DB

81 Derrick Brownridge Sr. WR/DB

82 DJ Gomes So. WR/DB

83 Tai'ri Randall Jr. WR/DB

84 Noah Daniel So. WR/DB

85 Lucas Nilo Sr. TE/DL

86 Nick Kepley Jr. WR/DB

87 Seth Dorman Jr. WR/DB

88 Hunter Patchin So. WR/DB

89 Tyler May Sr. WR/DB

Zared Redding Jr.

Alvin Ngo Fr.

Tyler Baliles Fr.

Joel Polanco Fr.

Bobby Kiel Fr.

Sean Barker Fr.

Duke Haslem Fr.

Travandis Henry Fr.

Trey Giles Fr.

Zack Jones Fr.

Jake Astrack Fr.

Mathew Lewis Fr.

Peyton Held Fr.

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