Over one protest, council votes to demolish 19 dilapidated houses

mowen@ledger-enquirer.comAugust 27, 2013 

Four houses at 2321, 2323, 2325 and 2327 Sixth Ave. have been scheduled for demolition by the city.

After some protest Tuesday evening from one property owner, Columbus Council approved spending almost $114,000 to demolish 19 dilapidated houses around the city.

Lorenzo Brown, representing property owner Mattie Brown, asked council to give him more time to address problems with the property at 317 27th St. He claimed he did not receive proper notice that the property was in immediate peril.

City Attorney Clifton Fay assured councilors that proper notification and advertising had been done. Then Director of Inspections and Codes Greg Coates told councilors the house was in such a state it would be prohibitively expensive to bring it up to code.

Councilors then voted to demolish the houses. The houses and their owners are:

• 2206 12th Ave., Bibb Rentals, LLC

• 317 27th St., Mattie L. Brown

• 813 Coolidge Ave., Community Bank & Trust

• 2319 6th Ave., Roy L. Culliver

• 812 35th St., Eunice White Dorsey

• 1309 Rose Hill St., 48 Hundred Corporation

• 42 Ross Ave., Willie James Grier

• 371 Bragg Smith St., Kinchen & Wilson Associates, LLC

• 807 Coolidge Ave., James H. Lily and Tywana Martin

• 23 30th Ave., Susie Mays

• 311 23rd Ave., Mid South Rentals, LLC

• 2707 9th St., Catherine Jordan Pugh and Mary Frances Currie

• 2008 3rd Ave., Clarence and Andre Smith

• 2321, 2323, 2325, 2327 6th Ave., Percy Tindall

• 3403 7th Ave., Percy Tindall

• 2807½ Baldwin St., T-Marie Enterprises, Inc.

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