David L. Mork: Hospital has a rich history - and a future

August 30, 2013 

(ITAL)"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still."(END ITAL)

-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt Warm Springs (RSW) has a long and rich history in our community, spanning nine decades. In the last few years, the hospitals of Roosevelt Warm Springs have experienced rising operational costs, creating challenges to RWS' viability.

Earlier this summer, a partnership was created between RSW and Georgia Regents Medical Center (GRMC). This partnership will lead to the modernization and improvement of the hospital operations and will keep the "Spirit of Warm Springs" alive, while preserving this huge economic engine in Meriwether County.

As the new executive director of Roosevelt Warm Springs Hospital, I respect and appreciate the rich history of RWS. Our goal is to improve and expand delivery of care in an effort to preserve and grow the hospital facilities into an even more important economic engine for the region.

This won't be a quick fix.

But we are committed to making it work.

In our first year, we will analyze and assess most every aspect of RWS hospitals. We want to understand the culture, the environment, the successes and yes, the failures too. We will review the hospital's workforce needs, the programs, systems and the services. We will better leverage the professional network using the statewide resources of GRMC and its professional alumni. We will implement best practices.

With the resources and the large scale of GRMC, we will bring financial stability and maximize cost efficiencies, especially in buying power. GRMC can also make RWS more financially successful by growing services to a wider audience of patients. After due diligence, we will be looking at renovations of the facilities to extend the life, enhance operations and improve the patient and family experience.

Ultimately, we will create opportunities to increase the volume and revenue for the hospitals, enhancing the world-class reputation of RWS and further growing the viability of this huge economic driver in this part of the state. The Warm Springs values of "openness to change" and a "can do attitude" will be keys to our future success; the keys to making this partnership work well for everyone.

We will continue to communicate with the employees, patients, elected officials and the many citizens who use, appreciate and benefit from this invaluable institution. We ask for your support and we ask for your patience as we undertake these important tasks.

With the partnership of RWS and GRMC, we are confident that a great future is ahead of us. We are committed to utilizing every available resource to ensure that RWS is viable for the next nine decades as well.

David L. Mork, executive director of Warm Springs Hospital, has more than 30 years' experience as a health care professional.

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