Real Estate Transactions -- September 7

September 6, 2013 


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded August 19 - August 29:

6001 Crystal Drive; $949,221; Brian Sullivan; warehouses and restaurants

2500 Hamilton Road; $949,221; Brian Sullivan; warehouses and restaurants

6516 Kitten Lake Drive; $292,975.28; Hardee's Restaurant; warehouses and restaurants

6783 Veterans Pkwy; $276,000; Trivision Properties; add/repair other building

2930 Smith Road; $243,712; C. W. Matthews Contracting; office, banks and prof. buildings

7968 Glen Valley Drive; $225,038.94; Grayhawk Homes, LLC; single family residence

3131-E Manchester Expy; $220,000; Peachtree Mall; add/repair other building

6951 Psalmond Road; $210,308.70; CLM Investments, LLC; single family residence

1601 Lexington Lake Lane; $207,661.86; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; single family residence

1211 Cottage Pointe Court; $174,000.96; Ray M. Wright, Inc.; single family residence

9977 Prairie Valley Drive; $174,000.96; Ray M. Wright, Inc.; single family residence

9600 Yellow Pine Road; $166,290.60; Ray M. Wright, Inc.; single family residence

3131 Manchester Expy, A39; $161,825; Greg Kimmel; add/repair other building

7815 Crescent Drive; $152,078.22; Edgar Hughston Builder; single family residence

6725 Moon Road; $96,000; Franklin Lee; add/repair residential

2601 Cross Country Drive; $93,000; Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers, Inc.; add/repair other building

1401 14th Avenue; $80,556; Columbus Habitat for Humanity; single family residence

8633 Battery Court; $65,250; David White; swimming pool

3718 2nd Avenue B & C; $50,000; D. Hal Averett Contractor, Inc.; add/repair other building

1217 Munro Aveenue; $45,000; Suzanne Brabson; add/repair residential building

18 W 5th Street; $45,000; Todd Farmer; add/repair residential building

1217 Munro Avenue; $35,000; Max Brabson; residential garages

6801 River Road, 403; $28,000; North End. LLC; add/repair other building

3718 2nd Avenue A; $28,000; BCV, LLC; add/repair other building

2406 Downing Drive; $23,850; Justin Bridges; swimming pool

10159 Sable Court; $22,000; Christopher S. Lovett; swimming pool

413 Bernard Drive; $20,000; Gerry Kennon; add/repair residential building

3615 Manchester Expy; $19,000; Legacy Chevrolet; add/repair other building

4519 Woodruff Road; $17,000; Woodruff Company; add/repair other building

3471 Courtyard Way; $16,500; Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC; add/repair other building

6219 Goodwin Drive; $12,000; Steve Reed; storage building

2 Kensington Court; $11,596.96; Dorothy Downs; add/repair residential building

3805 Woodmont Drive; $9,865.00; Gary Dallas; add/repair residential building

4231 Macon Road; $8,600; Fountain Park Station; add/repair other building

7300 Siamese Street; $7,537; Allen Hobbs; add/repair residential building

4029 Curry Street; $7,000; Ernest & Lula Archie; add/repair residential building

6183 Patriot Court; $6,251; Mitchel McCoy; add/repair residential building

1003 Amber Drive; $5,671; Debra Norman; add/repair residential building

2715 Thomas Street; $5,000; Moses Washington; add/repair residential building

3290 Victory Drive; $5,000; Eric Yun; add/repair other building

3131 Manchester Expy, 74; $4,741; Peachtree Mall; add/repair other building

4849 Oak Ridge Drive; $4,483; Connie Phillips; add/repair residential building

4018 7th Avenue; $4,620; Gene A. Smith, Jr.; storage buildings

5421 Gettysburg Way; $4,000; Justin Lange; add/repair residential building

4712 Gardiner Drive; $4,000; Donald S. Parry; add/repair residential building

1315 21st Street; $3,835; Kathryn Harbour; add/repair residential building

6 Esquiline Drive; $3,750; Fann Hagan; add/repair residential building

1536 Foye Avenue; $3,500; Moses Clairborne; add/repair residential building

4437 Ridgefield Drive; $3,400; Ted Emziah; add/repair residential building

5638 Rockhurst Drive; $2,635; Patricia Collier; add/repair residential building

738 Rudgate Road; $2,634; David Williams; add/repair residential building

5480 Chatham Woods Drive; $2,599.75; Kevin J Sims; storage building

1841 Wynnton Road; $2,400; Betty Torres; storage buildings

5057 3rd Avenue; $2,390; Kenneth Harris; add/repair residential building

2750 Camille Drive; $2,300; Mary Olive; storage building

771 Red Oak Drive; $2,316; Shelia Nunnally; add/repair residential building

1018 39th Street; $1,899.75; Gloria Arrington; storage building

2524 Water Oak Drive; $1,899.75; Bob Wilson; storage building

1226 Veterans Pkwy; $1,600; Betty Torres; storage building

630 44th Street; $1,500; Paul A. Johnston; add/repair residential building

2910 Hood Street; $1,349.75; Emma Brown; storage building


Selected building permits in Harris County, recorded August 21 - August 31:

67 Waterview Court; $377,390; Parrish Construction; single family dwelling

376 Kodiak Trail; $323,765; Jerry W. Culpepper; single family dwelling

57 Boxwood Lane; $279,695; R. Spencer Waddell,Inc.; single family dwelling

20 Voorhees Road; $252,590; Grayhawk Homes,Inc.; single family dwelling

306 Voorhees Road; $252,590; Grayhawk Homes,Inc.; single family dwelling

58 Voorhees Road; $238,615; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; single family dwelling

93 Roseanne Loop; $161,590; Beach Paving & Construction; single family dwelling

211 Seldon Street; $117,000; Horace Senior Construction; church addition

265 Deer Run Drive; $52,000; ATW, Inc.; single family dwelling

4060 US Hwy 27; $46,400; Randy Prather Building & Remodel; single family remodel

7696 GA Hwy 208; $42,000; Terry Mann; non-residential building

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