Postgame Quotes: Auburn Players

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Auburn running back Cameron Artis-Payne (44) was one of the many Tigers who met with reporters on Saturday night. Auburn beat Arkansas State 38-9 to move improve to 2-0 this season.


AUBURN, Ala. — The following are postgame quotes from Auburn's players following the team's 38-9 victory over Arkansas State on Saturday night.

(Note: These quotes were provided by Auburn's media relation department.)

DL Angelo Blackson

About defensive line coach Rodney Garner constantly rotating the line:

“He just wanted to keep us fresh. If we were out there for more than eight plays he would sub some guys out.

About how much better the D-line is this year

“We’re just a lot better. We are a more technique-sounded unit. We come off the ball faster, but we still have some things to work on. We are on the rise though.”

About the true freshman playing D-line

“It’s good. They’re out there playing hard and making plays.”

RB Corey Grant

About having a solid running game:

“It helps out a lot. Having a quarterback that can run and get us out of trouble is a big plus. Especially in our offense, we need to be able to run the ball effectively.”

About the three-man running back rotation:

“It’s pretty exciting going in because you never know whose going to stand out that night. Overall, we just come in and fight for each other and whoever stands out, stands out.”

QB Nick Marshall

On if he was more comfortable tonight:

“Yes sir, way more comfortable. I just went out there and did what I do best. I talked to Jonathan Wallace before the game and he told me just to be cool, calm and collective so that’s what I did.”

About the deep touchdown pass to Sammie Coates:

“It was a play we played in practice against the same defense we used in practice and coach told us to run it.”

About his performance tonight:

“I think I did well, but there’s still some room for improvement. The mistakes I made tonight, I’ll work them out in practice.”

RB Tre Mason

About having multiple running backs that contribute:

“You never can go wrong with having more fire power in your arsenal. Those guys are fresh and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.”

The offensive line and their improvements

“They’re great. They are veterans up-front and they know what they are doing.”

About the difference between this week and last week:

“Little mistakes that we made, but I think we corrected those mistakes this week in practice. I’m looking forward to that being contagious and happening all year.”

About Nick Marshall’s game:

“I saw what I expected. That’s my boy, he’s like my brother and he’s a threat. I know other teams need to watch out for him because he’s dangerous.”

RB Cameron Artis-Payne

On confidence in running game

“We were very confident. We went out there and put the game away, running the play even though they knew it was coming. It was something we were very confident in going into the game.”

On getting more carries in the second-half:

“That was the game plan going in. With the lead we had, we just wanted to pound them. We just wanted to try and make them quit, and we accomplished that.”

On the offense:

“We took a big step forward. We still have some things we need to work on. We’re going to get back at it tomorrow and see where we need to improve. We’re just going to keep getting better.”

On his touchdown:

“It felt good to get in the end zone. I missed out last week, so it felt good to step up and help out the team.”

WR Sammie Coates

On his performance

“I did okay. I felt that I could have done better with some blocking. I think as a team we played well. We took a step forward from last week. We’re going to use each and every week to keep getting better.”

On the offense:

“We just keep getting stronger. We keep making big plays. We improved this week from game one, and we’re going to keep working hard for next weekend.”

On Mississippi State:

“It’s our first SEC game. It’s going to be a big game. We’re ready for this. After last season, everyone thinks that we aren’t ready to face SEC teams. We’re ready to prove them wrong.”

LB Cassanova McKinzy

On defense:

“Our main focus was to not let them come into Jordan-Hare and run the ball. I think the whole unit did awesome. We had our issues, but that is what practice is for. We will come in tomorrow and fix it.”

On holding Arkansas State with no touchdown

“We had an edge not to let them in the end zone going into the game. Like Coach Johnson says, when you face a team, you don’t let them in your end zone. It has nothing to do with the play calling. It was the heart of all the guys on the field. I feel like we just had an edge. We were just playing like a brand new team.”

On Mississippi State:

“We’re going to come back here tomorrow morning and just get to it. It’s a grind. Next week is our first SEC game. The whole team is looking forward to it.”

DB Chris Davis

On the win:

“We take it week by week, game by game. We are happy today but tomorrow we are going to get on the field and correct our mistakes that we made.”

On the defense’s performance:

“Limiting explosive plays is always a big thing on defense and not letting them get into the end zone is real big as well. Holding them to three field goals, we played good tonight, but we still have room to improve.”

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