UPDATE: Drug dog sniffed out meth, bloody syringe near River Road

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 12, 2013 

Police used a K-9 unit to uncover $90 worth of methamphetamine and a bloody syringe after two people were stopped near the intersection of Apex Road and River Road Wednesday.

Chara Avery, 20, faced charges of possession of controlled substances and drugs not kept in original container after several prescription pills were found in her possession Wednesday. Bo Austin Sanders, 20, was charged with meth possession and drug related objects.

An officer told the court Sanders was stopped by police when he was seen driving with a broken brake light. While speaking with Sanders and Avery, the officer noticed a pill bottle at Avery's feet. The bottle was labeled Xanax, but police found a Hydrocodone pill inside.

Suspecting additional contraband, the officer asked both suspects for permission to search the vehicle and their persons. Avery said yes, but Sanders said no, causing police to request a dog which could sniff the car for drugs.

Once the dog alerted that drugs were in the vehicle, police found a set of keys with a silver pill container attachment in the back floorboard. Inside the container were three blue bags containing 0.3 grams of meth. Sanders later claimed possession of the meth.

A black digital scale was also found.

Police also found a bottle with 19 Clonazepam pills, a blood syringe, a residue coated spoon and a legal pad with cut-up, prescription pill residue in Avery's right bra cup.

A witness testified in court Thursday morning that Avery stole her Clonazepam pills from her bathroom while she was sleeping. The woman did not elaborate on how Avery entered her home, and said she did not to know Avery.

Judge Michael Cielinski set Avery's bond at $5,500. Sanders' bond was set at $11,000.

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