Sound Off for Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013 

Pick of the day

I saw a bunch of guys riding in a whitewater raft while still on a trailer downtown. How much does that ride cost?

'Soft money' indeed

A $12 minimum wage would be the best thing for the economy only if you think out of control inflation is also the best thing for the economy.

What's the right solution?

So if Darr had promoted either Wynn or Tompkins, does that mean the other was discriminated against?

It's about outcomes

The results count. If Obama's threat of a strike brings Syria to the negotiation table, that was his purpose.

Didn't think it could be done

Since Obama has apparently convinced Republicans to oppose a war, he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Misplaced funding

Really and truly, did we need a new tag office? We don't need new buildings. We need to put that money toward the schools.

The troops pay the price

Our poor serviceman and women, you have an idiot Commander in Chief who wants to lead you into a useless war. Wake up, Obama. You're so stupid.

So … not a fan, huh?

It's time for the NBA to kick Dennis Rodman out of the NBA Hall of Fame. Sue him for what he is doing. He needs to be arrested.

Playing with war toys

Somebody please let Obama shoot off a couple of missiles so he can think he's a real president and not just a clown.

Not NRA's ideal icon

George Zimmerman isn't lying low. He's had speeding tickets. Wrecks. And now, a domestic altercation. A nut with a gun in Florida.

Municipal sty

If you have some pigs that need to wallow in the mud, take them to Edgewood Park playground.

Try it the traditional way

Word to the wise: All you Twitter, Facebook, E-mailers and other junkies, the best way to go is with the United States Postal Service with an envelope and a stamp.

But she went to Auburn

I just realized Cynthia Tucker is a professor at the University of Georgia. I guess that's going to restrict my enthusiast for this year's season.

Foreign policy disaster

If President Obama handles Syria like he did Benghazi, God help us all.

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