Courts: Chase Apartments man slammed girlfriend against sidewalk after outing with friends

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 20, 2013 

Adrian Harris

Police say a woman can barely move after her boyfriend allegedly slammed her against the concrete sidewalk twice Wednesday, according to Friday morning Recorders Court testimony.

Officer Michael Aguilar said Adrian Harris, 26, began his alleged attacks against his girlfriend after she returned to their 1000 block 20th Street home from a night out with friends. He faced charges of false imprisonment, two counts of battery with physical harm and three counts of third degree cruelty to children during his hearing. He also faced a kidnapping charge, which was later dropped.

The victim told police Harris was livid when she returned to the 20th Street residence at about 8 p.m. He allegedly began yelling at her about the outing, striking her about the face as they backed out of the house and into the yard.

When she tried to get into her vehicle and get away, Harris allegedly dragged his girlfriend out of the driver's seat by her shirt, slammed her to the ground and held her against the sidewalk. He then proceeded to kick and punch her repeatedly on the ground.

"She stated she was trying to get away, but he was too strong," Aguilar said.

After some time, the victim was able to escape with her three children, who are aged between 1 and 6 years old. She went to another nearby residence also rented by Harris to get her possessions. It wasn't long before Harris found her there, police said

At about 9:30 p.m., he arrived at the second house and allegedly began beating her again. At one point, police say he jumped into the victim's car with the three children, who were still in their travel seats.

The victim told police she tried to jump into the car with him, afraid that he would leave with the children. But, Harris yanked her out of the car again and began to kick and punch her against the driveway concrete.

By the time the victim was able to call police, she had been admitted to Midtown Medical Center. Aguilar said she was barely able to lift herself from the patient bed. She had a difficult time speaking because of her injuries, according to testimony.

Harris was arrested the next day near his Chase Apartments residence. He was also charged with violation of probation.

Harris told the court he did not hit his girlfriend, and that his girlfriend followed him to his second house. He alleges she began tearing at his bags and making him drop his things.

"When I got to my second location, she's already there," Harris said. "She was ripping my bags so my stuff fell out. I pushed her back with my bag and she fell to the ground. But I didn't once kidnap her, or false imprison her, or punch her."

Judge Michael Cielinski set Harris' bond at $20,500. His case will be forwarded to Muscogee County Superior Court.

In February 2013, Adrian Harris was arrested after he allegedly shot a man in the arm and forehead on Fourth Avenue. Police reported Harris knocked the man on the ground around the 2700 block while attempting to rob him.

Harris was later charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a felon, armed robbery and possession of a firearm during a crime.

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