Quote Roundup: Auburn versus LSU

rblack@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 22, 2013 

Gus Malzahn

Opening Statement:

“I think it was obvious in the beginning of the game we did not respond very well to the elements and to the crowd. We kind of found ourselves in a hole. I am proud of our team coming back in the second half. They came back and battled. We did make some mistakes. We have been talking about improving each practice and each game, and even though it hurts right now I think there were some good things out there that we could improve upon for the rest of the year.”

On quarterback Nick Marshall:

“Nick [Marshall] never really got in a rhythm. It was his first road game. That first quarter it was raining pretty good, the ball was wet, we just never got in a rhythm in the first half. During the second half we kind of calmed down and got into our rhythm.”

On running back Tre Mason:

“Tre [Mason] is definitely a good back. He is a tough guy. He always wants the ball. I think whenever you want the football that is always a good thing. He had a very solid night.”

On the playing conditions:

“There were some missed opportunities, without a doubt. You have to give LSU some credit. They are a good team, but you just cannot miss the opportunities that you have. You have to seize the moment. It is frustrating. We did not execute like we can. The way LSU plays has something to do with that. At the same time, we have high expectations for our team, and we could have played better. But again, you have to give LSU credit. I can tell you that we will improve moving forward.”

On the second half:

“Our team is not going to quit. They play together; they like playing together. They have bright eyes. Even toward the end when we got that motion penalty that set us back, they were fighting until the end. I am very proud of our guys, and with the attitude they have we have a chance to get better and improve. Even though it feels bad right now, we have an off week, and we can clean some things up and move forward.”

RB Tre Mason

On the team’s improvement from last season:

“I am happy with where we are heading as a team. A lot of guys that were here last year are back. They know how it feels from last year to give up or lose badly. That feeling can carry over to next year, and we didn’t want to go through that again. None of my teammates quit tonight.”

On the difference between the first and second half:

“We kind of beat ourselves in the beginning. The fumbles, our punter dropping a snap, and putting the ball on the ground on offense cost us. Those things will lose the game for you. We have to go back and correct those things. We have to figure out ways to play in weather like tonight.”

On moving on from tonight’s loss:

“I am not happy with the loss, and I’m pretty sure the team isn’t either. We are going to try to continue getting better from here on out. We can’t look at the past. What is done is done. We just need to continue getting better.”

QB Nick Marshall

On the difference between the first and second half:

“Coach gave us a speech at halftime. Second half we came out able to execute and make plays. We were able to make plays and score touchdowns. He told us to never stop fighting and go out and play relentless football. We did that and we were able to execute.”

On moving on from tonight’s loss:

“We are still confident going into our bye week and then into the next week. We are going to go in and correct what we messed up tonight. We will get better after that.”

On learning from tonight’s mistakes:

“I will grow a lot from this. I learned a lot from tonight. I learned from the mistakes I made and how to execute the ball like we did in the second half tonight.”

CB Jonathon Mincy

On his missed assignments:

“Just people not filling their gaps. We really just go back and execute. It’s really just going back out there and everyone just doing fundamental football.”

On if he improves after a loss:

“Definitely, tomorrow when we watch film, we just have to go out there and next time we have the opportunity to get on the field and adjust we have to show everyone that we still can compete. “

On if the first quarter was shocking to him:

“Definitely, we let the game get away. It’s just kind of tough playing from behind.”

FS Jermaine Whitehead

On the interception he made:

“It was a great play. I think the quarterback saw me and I think he wanted to try me a little bit. It was a great ‘bang-bang’ play. If my hands were a little slower he would have made the play.”

WLB Cassanova McKinzy

On LSU RB Jeremy Hill:

“In my opinion he got all his yards in the first half. We had a lot of new stuff, and we did what we did and it hurt us in the end.”

On if he was caught off guard in the first half:

“It’s college football. You have to put in the stuff from the last week, then you have to forget that and come back to the new stuff. That’s the whole part of being a college football player.”

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