5 questions with DJ Roonie G

Serving as a musician, performer and director

September 22, 2013 

ROBIN TRIMARCHI/rtrimarchi@ledger-enquirer.comInternationally known DJ Roonie G stands inside Mix Ultra Lounge, one of his two Columbus night clubs on Broadway.

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Your name is well-known on the national DJ scene, as illustrated by your repeated recognition from industry publication DJ Times. What makes someone a good DJ?

His fist pump skills! No, not really. A good DJ has the ability to read the crowd and adapt. A good DJ has to be able to beat mix, have a good ear for music and know the technical aspects of audio.

Technical skills and musicality are important, but when combined with the mental side and knowledge of how to contain and build energy, it really takes it to the next level. A good DJ has to be a musician, a performer and also a director at the same time.

You've traveled all over the world. Why have you kept Columbus as your home base?

It's the only place you can get French fries and Southern barbecue on a Chinese buffet! OK, family is important, too. Also, the Southern pace keeps me balanced.

And now I have several local businesses: Mix Ultra Lounge is at 1040 Broadway in downtown Columbus and is celebrating its three-year anniversary this year. Martini's is at 1107 Broadway and has been around one year. My wife and I own Wildwood Day Spa in Columbus.

I'm producing the Flash Night Run on Oct. 4 with Paint The Town Pink. Make sure you register for the walk/run experience online. It's for a great cause and it's going to be awesome.

In addition, we're forming a new company, Mix Audio and Video Services, that will provide sound and light for parties, business functions and other events.

What's the hardest part of operating a nightclub?

Wearing the party panda head! The panda is our mascot at Mix Ultra Lounge and sometimes I have to wear it and dance around. It's really not that hard, but making things fresh and exciting while keeping things consistent can be tough. You have to give people some familiarity, but push the edge at the same time.

Both of your clubs are smoke-free environments. Why did you choose to go smoke-free and how do patrons react to the approach?

I hated coming home with my hair smelling like smoke! Actually, that is true. But I noticed the trend in bigger cities -- Los Angeles, New York -- and realized it was very acceptable, so I adapted.

Patrons really like it, and since there is a smoking area outside, it creates a nice spot to gather and socialize.

Aside from your businesses, what's the best-kept secret in the Chattahoochee Valley?

Well, if I tell you, then it wouldn't be a secret, so I can't tell you!

No, really -- the Southern hospitality does actually exist. Not all the time, but if we embrace that, it can enlighten us and teach us how to slow down and enjoy life.

Vital stats

Name: Roongsak Griffeth (DJ Roonie G)

Age: 44

Job: Artist DJ ninja

Current home: Columbus

Family: Two daughters and one son

Education: Some college

Favorite book: "Harry Potter"

Favorite movie: "Kill Bill" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Favorite restaurant: Thai House

Favorite quote: "Live, love and laugh a lot"

Best concert attended: Prince

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