American Cancer Society needs volunteers

Posted on September 25, 2013 

I know that many of you know cancer.

My father died of multiple myeloma. My aunt, my mother's only sister, died of ovarian cancer.

I have friends who are cancer survivors.

It's tough. And so unfair.

The American Cancer Society is trying to do something about this insidious disease. Of course, it raises money all the time by conducting walks and balls and all sorts of activities.

I've participated in many. I know you have, too.

Well, now, you can really take part in something important.

The ACS is conducting a Cancer Prevention Study. It's the third such study since about the time I was born. OK, OK, so it's been a while.

All you have to do is sign up. You have to be between the ages of 30-65 and never had a cancer diagnosis except for basal or squamous cell skin cancer. And you must commit to the study for 20-30 years.

OK, at 61, I'm not sure I'll be around when I'm 91. But I know a lot of you can sign up.

And before you say, "Whoa! 30 years?"

The ACS' Kanika Whipple says all you have to do is take a survery every two or three years. I'll bet you'll forget you even signed up for the study before fretting that it will take too much time.

The thing that gets me, though, is after you take your initial survey, you have to go to an enrollment center, where someone will take your waist measurement. I'm sorry, no one has taken my waist measurement since I did a show at the Springer Opera House for a costume fitting. I'm a little bigger now, so I really don't want to get myself measured.

You'll also have to give a blood sample. For me, that's no big deal. I'm diabetic, so I take my blood sugar levels something like four times a day and give myself insulin shots at least twice a day. So giving a blood sample is nothing.

However, the waist measurement? ...

The enrollment centers are at J.P. Thayer YMCA, the D.A. Turner YMCA and the Front Porch of the South next week from Oct. 1-5.

So go on, sign up. You'll feel better because maybe you'll be the one who makes a difference.

Call 800-227-2345.

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