One of five arrested in Aug. park shooting disputes 'excessive' bond, police report

acarlson@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 28, 2013 

Kaerain Rose

Kaerain Rose, one of five men arrested in August in connection with a gun fight at Primus King Park, said again in court Friday that police have ignored his version of events and the evidence that supports his claims.

Rose appeared in court on a bond reduction hearing. His attorney, Stacey Jackson, argued that the $110,250 bond set in August was “excessive,” given the true nature of the crime. Rose is charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and giving a false name to police.

On Aug. 12, police responded to the Staunton Drive park with multiple gunshots reported at about 8:30 p.m.

Responding officers were told that the wounded were already on their way to the hospital. At The Medical Center, officers found a red Chevrolet Impala and its owner, Kenny Miller, along with Scott Phillip, Alec Spencer and Rose.

Detectives found blood and two guns, a .357 and a .380 caliber, in the car, a detective testified in a court hearing on Aug. 14.

Also arrested was Damien Merriweather, the owner of a bullet-scarred 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, who residents saw dispose of .40-caliber shell casings later that night.

All five were charged with aggravated assault.

Police said at the time that each suspect told them a different version of events.

Initially, Rose said he was just hanging out in the park when a car pulled up and someone tried to steal his money.

But in a statement in court Friday, Rose said that he’d gone to the park to buy weed. He said that he didn’t know Miller -- who he said then offered him a ride to the hospital -- and that because the weed and weapons in the car were not found on his person, that was further proof of his uninvolvement.

Rose also said that ballistics and other forensic evidence supported his claims, but did not elaborate.

“Apparently he knows more about the case than I do,” the prosecutor said.

Jackson refuted the narrative of the crime. He said that his client was a victim: Rose was shot in the head during the shooting.

The prosecuting attorney declined to press Rose on his story.

“If I cross him on the facts of the case, we’ll be here all day,” she said.

Judge William Rumer did not reduce Rose’s bond and instead told him to come back in 90 days and “I’ll try and sort it out.”

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