Tim Chitwood: October means holidays and tax days

tchitwood@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 30, 2013 

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Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, for this be Monday Mail.

So long September

Say goodbye to September today, for Tuesday is Oct. 1, kicking off the final quarter of 2013. Columbus Day is but two weeks away, as our local government observes the holiday. And then get your costume ready because Halloween is just around the corner, waiting to jump out at you.

It lands on a Thursday, this year, so all the costume parties may hang over 'til November.

Tax man

For homeowners here in Muscogee County, Tuesday is a special day: It's the day they have to pay at least 40 percent of their property taxes, with the balance due Dec. 1.

At least I think that's the breakdown. Let's see what the bill says.

Oh look, it includes an "Important Notice," which is an orange copy that comes with a white copy and a yellow copy. It says:

In an effort to reduce costs and streamline our processes, your property tax bill has been reduced to a two-part bill -- a white copy and a yellow copy. The "white" copy should be remitted with your payment and the "yellow" copy retained for your tax records. You WILL NOT receive a "green" copy as in the past years.

DO NOT remit payment to the Tax Commissioner's Office if your mortgage company pays the taxes through an escrow account. Kindly forward the "white" copy to the mortgage company immediately for payment.

Be sure to read IMPORTANT information on the backside of your property tax bill.

Dear tax office:

Is the important information on the backside of the "white" copy or the "yellow" copy?

Oh wait -- it's on both. OK, I was right: You must pay at least 40 percent Tuesday. And you'd better get right on that, because this bill says:

"Property taxes not paid by October 1 are delinquent October 2, and the total 100 percent tax bill becomes delinquent with penalty. Pay by the indicated due dates and avoid a 10 percent and interest of 1 percent per month. …"

So don't forget to take the "white" copy with your checkbook to the tax commissioner's office, which is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but is not where it used to be.

It's no longer in the Government Center's east wing. It's off Macon Road at the new city service center, 311 Citizens Way, which is behind the school district headquarters and in front of the natatorium.

And if you want to get to the service center parking garage without driving around all that stuff, take the entrance off Rigdon Road, not Macon Road.

And for gosh sakes don't park in any of the city administrators' reserved spaces, or you'll have to pay a parking ticket, too.

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