Report: Baker Middle School students threaten, fight teachers

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comOctober 2, 2013 

One Baker Middle School teacher was threatened and another bruised repeatedly in two separate incidents while trying to break up fights between students, according to a Columbus Police report.

The first student, a 14-year-old boy, was charged with simple assault on Sept. 25 after he threatened to fight his teacher at the 1215 Benning Drive school. The teacher was attempting to break up an argument between the boy and a female student when the boy allegedly turned around and said, "You don't want none of this. I will fight you."

He was later released to his parents.

A second student was charged with two counts of simple assault Tuesday after he began fighting a student who was allegedly in his seat.

When police arrived, a coach was holding the 12-year-old boy on the floor and attempting to calm him down. His teacher told police that he pushed another student multiple times after the classmate took his seat. Two teachers got between the children, at which point the 12-year-old hit one of the women in the chest with his elbow. He then continued to struggle, bruising her repeatedly on her forearms.

That student was additionally charged with obstructing a police officer and disrupting a public school. He was released to his parents.

Counting these charges, five separate students in Muscogee County schools have been charged with assault or battery since September. Four of the students were in middle school.

On Sept. 24,a Rothschild Middle School student was charged with simple battery after he fought with a 12-year-old girl in the sixth grade hallway.

At Kendrick High School on Sept. 11, a freshman student was charged with battery after she hit a 17-year-old student several times in the attendance office, following an argument between the two over neighborhood issues. She was charged with battery.

Another Rothschild Middle School student — this time a seventh grade student in special education — exposed himself and grabbed a 13-year-old girl's buttocks on Sept. 11. He was charged with public indecency and sexual battery.

School District Director of Communications Valerie Fuller wrote in an e-mail Wednesday that she is uncertain if there has been an increase in assault and battery charges in Muscogee County Schools of late.

"Unfortunately, like other districts across the nation, we do have reports from time to time of students who may engage in a fight or violate other behavior or discipline policies, which may result in charges depending on the violation," she said. "However, it is very important to note that the majority of our students come to school, behave and have a productive learning experience."

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