District Court: Woman made 300-400 daily terorristic threats

'She threatened to kill me many times,' accuser said

benw@ledger-enquirer.comOctober 2, 2013 

The United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia is located at 120 12th Street in Columbus.

A Valley, Ala., woman awaiting sentencing in U.S. District Court on false claims about blowing up an airplane was ordered held Wednesday on separate charges of harassing phone calls and terroristic threats.

U.S. Magistrate Stephen Hyles ordered Candace Dingler to be held by authorities until she is sentenced on Nov. 21 for pleading guilty to maliciously conveying false information and false statements. While free on bond, Dingler is accused of making some 300 to 400 phone calls or text messages a day to a Columbus woman who was threatened repeatedly until Dingler was arrested on Friday.

During a 2 p.m. hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Melvin E. Hyde Jr. played parts of phone messages recorded on an answering machine at the home of Glenda Huskins. Dingler lived at her home for about seven months.

Some of the messages left as early as 3:30 a.m. were laced with profanity and threats to kill Huskins and members of her family.

“I am not going to stop,” the caller stated.

In her testimony, Huskins said she is 100 percent sure that the voice on the messages is Dingler.

“She threatened to kill me many times,” Huskins said.

Huskins told the court that she already had a restraining order against Dingler, but Columbus police could never catch her at the house.

Dingler’s attorney David R. Helmick questioned whether Huskins had any proof to show when the calls were made to her cell phone and home phone. At least 13 calls were made after Sept. 26, Huskins said.

Before Wednesday’s hearing, Dingler already had pleaded guilty to using the name “Joanie Mitchell” when she called the Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Columbus on Nov. 26, 2012, and stated that a person named “L.G.” told her that she would get on a plane and blow it up. Using the caller ID system, an FBI agent contacted the Columbus number and asked to speak to “Mitchell.”

The woman admitted that she was the person who called the FBI and noted that “L.G.” made the threatening statement. An agent contacted “L.G.” and learned that Dingler called the FBI, not “Joanie Mitchell.”

“L.G. explained that she and the defendant previously had been in a relationship, and that the defendant was upset over the breakup,” court records show. During a follow-up interview with the FBI on Dec. 5, 2012, Dingler admitted that she falsely told the FBI about “L.G.’s” plan to blow up an airplane.

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