Dating website OKCupid lets users find matches by 'body type': Is this offensive?

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comOctober 3, 2013 

A week after a Columbus-raised man made national headlines for requesting a girlfriend weighing 130 pounds or less, weight-based discussions have again entered the online dating world.

The latest news? "OKCupid is letting users filter by "body type" starting at $4.95 a month — a move that has sparked a strong reaction from many users," according to Mashable.

It adds, "Although the dating site rolled out body-type classification in the spring, the feature went largely unnoticed until now."

Is OKCupid's move offensive? Opinions are divided.

In one corner: The argument that body type is a valid element to list among a dater's preferences. A Mashable commenter writes, "I totally agree with this. Body type is a preference just like anything else. I completely support this feature as it makes finding people I'm attracted to easier and makes first dates less disappointing."

In the other corner: A claim that letting users filter people by body type marks a new low in our culture's superficiality. A commenter on the same site writes, "There is no hope for humanity. It's official."

I have many non-bigoted friends -- well, at least they don't seem bigoted -- who openly acknowledge they have a preferred body type in the dating world.

Does voicing this preference make you a jerk?

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