Richt unsure yet of the 'carnage'

semerson@macon.comOctober 5, 2013 

Opening statement:

“I really don't have much to say other than I'm thankful we won, I'm thankful we're leaving and I got my bag packed and ready to go so you guys can ask whatever you want. You can ask me about injuries but I'll say I don't know so just ask away if you want.”

Todd Gurley's status:

“I don't know. He really is day to day. Ron felt like he was progressing well. It didn't swell a tremendous amount. We're not counting out this game here. I would have to say I'd be really surprised if he couldn't make it for Vanderbilt, but I think he's probably 50/50 on this one.”

The strategy in overtime:

“My thinking was that in the bowl game (Outback Bowl vs. Michigan State in 2012) we just centered it up and kicked it and missed it so I wanted to at least try to advance the ball the best we could without getting too crazy. You can try to make a point but you could also get a tipped ball or interception or whatever. We knew we were in field goal range immediately. We tried to move it closer, couldn't get it closer, ended up on the left hash, but we called the plays that we thought could get the yardage and Tennessee just bowed their neck and made some good plays.”

The adjustments because of injuries:

“A lot of things were going on. A lot of guys got hurt, a lot of guys couldn't finish the game. I can at least say that. It was obvious to everybody in that regard. So players had to step up, young players had to step up. Mike Bobo, the play caller, he's trying to figure out who is in, who can do what, what they know, and it handcuffed us just a tad bit, but we just kept playing, kept fighting and found a way to win.”

Ever had so many injuries in a game?

“Not like that. It's just such a shame. Guys work so hard, and we really went through camp overall pretty good and really had one of our best camps as far as injuries are concerned. Now I just don't know what the carnage is right now. We'll just have to wait and see. I purposely didn't talk to Ron Courson yet before talking to you because I just didn't want to say anything to anybody. I'm just not in the mood to talk about it right now. Soon enough we'll find out what it is and we'll let you all know.”

On Aaron Murray:

“I'm so proud of him. When you come back for your senior year after having a chance to go pro, you come back for games like this, you come back for your teammates, and you come back to try to win a championship. He's done everything he could do at this point. I'm really proud of him, he just played like a champion today.”

What he said to Morgan before that last kick: “I told him that I think he's the best kicker in America and I wouldn't want anyone else kicking this kick.”

Did they think they had ironed out the punt block team?

“We thought we did, but they came and pressured. They're not a heavy pressure team but they saw the possibility of let's see if Georgia can figure it out. They came at least three or four times, maybe five. We stuck a hat on everybody on all the other ones and we were fine, but we had a guy whiff. He knew who to block he just missed him and you can't do that.”

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