From the locker room: Georgia coaches react

semerson@macon.comOctober 12, 2013 

Head coach Mark Richt, defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo weigh in after the 41-26 loss to Missouri.

MARK RICHT, head coach

On the turnovers:

"It was 4-0 on the turnovers. They did a really good job of securing the ball and we didn't. You hear coaches say it over and over, but you can't win a game turning it over like that."

On the second-half comeback:

"We did a good job defensively and started scoring some points. It was impressive to get it back close early in the fourth quarter. Even near the end we were fortunate that they missed an extra point and we were within eight with a chance to tie it again. Being down as we were, we did a good job of making it interesting."

On the preparation this week following all the injuries:

"Certainly when you have injuries or penalties or any setbacks in football, you've got to assess where you're at and what you've got to do to succeed. We used a lot of energy this week looking at situations and personnel to get the best plan for who we had. We moved the ball good, but we turned it over too many times. We also had possessions in the red zone where we got field goals instead of touchdowns, and that was a big part of the game.”

On this week's plan:

"We have to build on the positives, try to get a few guys healthy and get ready to go play Vanderbilt. … It's important now to get ready for Monday's practice. We'll look at the film and make our corrections. We'll get our plan for Vanderbilt. The guys will lift and run and go to school on Monday. We just can't let the world stop. We've got to keep pressing forward. That's what our plan is."
TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

Grantham when asked the state of his defense:

“When you look at our team, we’re a young team that does some good things. For example, in the second half we played pretty good, OK, until there at the end. I think anytime you’ve got young guys, there’s gonna be a lapse or two, or a thing here or there that can extend a drive or create a seam, or allow them to make some plays.

"So I’m pleased with their effort, I don’t see anything wrong with their effort, they keep competing. It’s more a matter of execution, and getting some experience. Because when you play at the level we play at, you’ve gotta be on technique-wise, you’ve gotta be on with your effort, and you’ve gotta be on in your ability to play fast. And if you’re off in any of those areas it’s gonna create seams which allow for big plays and continued drives.”

MIKE BOBO, offensive coordinator

Murray's first interception:

"We just forced the ball a little bit. (The) corner sunk, and we've gotta take the underneath throw. It's where they were making you throw the ball all game. We just pressed a bit. I've gotta look at the film, but the corner did a good job of bating him sinking, and you've gotta go to your check down."

The O-line struggled in pass protection:

"They did a good job. We knew 52 (Michael Sam) was a good player. And they do a good job of slanting, and twisting, and we weren't able to keep them honest enough, being balanced, where they were able to pin their ears back when we got behind. So we've got to learn from it. We've got to regroup. And get ready to go. Learn from our mistakes."

How much was the playbook affected by the injuries:

"That's not an excuse. We knew who we had coming into the game. Felt like we had a good plan, and you've got to give them credit, they made more plays than we did. We executed at times, but not well enough to win the game. Turn it over four times, it's hard to win any game."

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