From the locker room: 'We ran out of magic'

semerson@macon.comOctober 12, 2013 


DONN RODENROTH/For The TELEGRAPH,Macon, Georgia, 10/12/2013: Georgia receiver Rantavious Wooten catches a 7-yd. pass from Aaron Murray for a third quarter touchdown. Georgia lost to Missouri, 41-26.


Comments from Georgia players after their 41-26 loss to Missouri on Saturday.

AARON MURRAY, senior quarterback

The first interception:

"Just forcing it. Forcing it. Trying to force a flag route to a dropping corner. Probably should've checked it down and thrown it away. That's just me being greedy. Not a smart play by me."

The sack and fumble, did he feel the man coming from the left:

"No. I was about to let that thing fly. ... (The receiver) was streaking, it probably would've been a touchdown. Unfortunate. But those happen. We had to rebound."

The game:

"We had four turnovers, they had none. You can't win ballgames when you turn the ball over four times. I don't care who you're playing. It's just the recipe for disaster."

What now?

"Just keep winning, keep getting better. We've got to go back and figure out what we can improve on individually and as a team. Get to work Monday and keep grinding."

ARTHUR LYNCH, senior tight end

A case of living dangerously one more week, the injuries catching up?

"You know I think so, but at the end of the day we put ourselves in a position to tie the ballgame up, and hopefully win the game. We just came up short. Whether you want to say we ran out of some magic, yeah we did. But I think for us, Missouri was obviously a pretty high-powered offense, they're gonna put up points, and I wish we could've turned some of those field goals into touchdowns. And that sack is seven points, that's on me completely, no other person."

The sack:

"It is on me. In terms of my rules, that play, that protection, it's completely my fault. You can't expect Aaron to hold onto that ball. It's a blind side. That's my fault 100 percent, and I feel bad that I let my team down."

RAY DREW, junior defensive end

What happened to the defense after the first two drives:

"As with any game, I think the emotion was taking over (the first two drives). But emotion only lasts for so long. It comes down at the end to which team is better prepared, which team is better coached, which team is more disciplined and is gonna do which it is supposed to. Which today was Missouri."

The game:

"We had dug ourselves into a hole. We tried our darndest to fight back and claw our way out. But in the end it just wasn't enough. ... I guess that's just the SEC for you. Any given Saturday anybody can come in and just wow the crowd. Today was Missouri's day. They have a heck of a team. But it just seemed like things fell their way today."

Did the defense do enough to win this game?

"Apparently not. The scoreboard says so. There's room for improvement everywhere. It's not in one particular position. It's not on one side of the ball. We've gotta get better as a team, we've gotta get better collectively if we want to continue to win, and get to where we want to go."

CHRIS CONLEY, junior receiver

The feeling in the locker room afterwards:

"Obviously we're disappointed. There were no excuses. We lost this game, Missouri played a hell of a game. And we know what mistakes we made. And we know when we didn't make plays."

Where does this leave this team?

"It really makes us focus on the here and now. Not looking forward, not looking ahead, and looking at the next game ahead. We can control what we can control, and that's the next game. So from here on out we've gotta focus on Vandy."

So many injuries, how different was the gameplan:

"The only thing that changes the gameplan is the defense that you play. So the defense that we play this week is the only way we change the gameplan. The young guys did step up today, we just didn't get it done, we didn't finish. We make no excuses with injuries, we still have to be able to execute at a high level."

BRENDAN DOUGLAS, freshman tailback

His fumble near the end of the first half:

"I was just trying to fight for as many yards as I could get, and the ball popped out. It was disappointing. I thought I was down maybe. I'm sure the refs had a better view of it. But it was disappointing, and I'm disappointed in myself. I tried to come out in that second half and make up for it. But you really can't. It's disappointing."

CHRIS BURNETTE, senior guard

How much was the offense hurt by the injuries:

"I don't think we put too much stock into it. We would love to have those guys, they're really talented. But at the end of the day the guys that had to step up ... I think they were prepared, and we needed to execute better. And also Missouri is a pretty good team."

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