Zombie mania: 'The Walking Dead' premieres season 4, Columbus hosts Zombie Walk (VIDEO)

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comOctober 13, 2013 

It's that time again.

Mix Halloween with new episodes of "The Walking Dead" and you get the annual surge in zombie mania.

Hundreds of people attended an Oct. 12 Zombie Walk that began near the Marriott and traveled through downtown Columbus. All the fake blood was for a good cause. The walk generated nearly 700 pounds of donations for Valley Rescue Mission, according to organizers.

Amid the local zombie excitement, "The Walking Dead" premiered its fourth season Oct. 13 on AMC. The popular zombie show is filmed in Georgia. Here's a recap of some of the major plot lines from the season premiere. (If you forgot where we left off, you might want to read my season three finale recap first.)

So, about that season premiere...

Glenn and Maggie had a pregnancy scare, but it was a false alarm.

Rick had arguably the biggest plot line of the night. While exploring in the woods, he met a woman who asked if she and her husband could stay at Rick's camp. Rick agrees to meet her husband and says they'll need to answer three questions. When he arrives at the couple's camp, we learn about a slight issue. By "husband," the woman means her husband's head...or his random body parts...or something like that. And yes, she briefly tries to kill Rick. She's clearly unstable -- so much, in fact, that she ultimately takes her own life with a knife. In her final moments, she asks Rick to list his three questions. He says: "How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?" Of course, the moment leads Rick to reflect on how, under slightly different circumstances, he could've become that woman.

Carl has clearly entered his awkward adolescent -- or maybe pre-adolescent? -- phase. Most of his screen time focused on the fact that he's not a kid, but not yet an adult. Been there, done that. At the center of the battle? Story time at the prison/camp, which seems like a standard "kid" activity. But it turns out story time isn't story time after all. While eavesdropping on a session, Carl learns Carol is actually teaching the kids how to use weapons. Hmm.

Beth also known as Hershel's Other Daughter, has a new love interest: Zack, one of the prison newcomers. Early in the episode, he informs Beth he's temporarily leaving with Daryl and company to do dangerous stuff for the day. Beth doesn't say goodbye because she apparently doesn't believe in goodbyes. They end up at a store. Long story short: Zombie chaos ensues and Zack dies. Daryl breaks the news to Beth and she doesn't cry.

Patrick is another one of the prison newcomers. He flies under the radar throughout much of the episode, until we learn he's feeling nauseous. In the show's final moments, he staggers to the shower at night and collapses. We see him on the ground with blood and some neon-looking eyes. This should be interesting.

The Governor is still MIA, by the way.

Discussion time: What did you think of Sunday's episode?

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