Vital stats: Gadget B. Jackson

October 13, 2013 

Name: Gadget B. Jackson

Job: Owner of The Ink Blokk Exotic Tattoo Lounge, owner of Ink Blokk Fashion and Tattoo Magazine, owner of The Quarantine Haunted Theme Park

Hometown: Born in Columbus, raised around the world

Current home: Columbus

Family: I would love to give a special little note for my son. I love him to death and being a single father and business owner is a serious task. The family I have is the family I created, which is all of my Ink Blokk family. I love my team to death and sometimes water can be thicker than blood. I am proud to say that the family I have is a big part of my success as well as their own.

Education: Art Institute of Atlanta

Favorite book: "The Tibetan Book of the Dead," "Hollow Planet" and "Behold a Pale Horse." I love to read.

Favorite movie: If I had to say a favorite movie, I would have to say "The Fourth Kind." I love realistic films, based on true stories. That's why I am basing this haunted house off true events.

Favorite restaurant: I don't eat out much, and I don't really do fast food. But my favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory.

Favorite quote: My own quotes. "A still tongue carries a wise head, know all you tell but don't tell all you know." "To understand the mind of a man you listen to his words."

Best concert attended: I did a performance in London, England, at a club called "The Works" and it was great. I performed with several big artists.

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