Five questions with Gadget B. Jackson: Focusing on a good scare

October 13, 2013 

ROBIN TRIMARCHI/rtrimarchi@ledger-enquirer.comGadget B. Jackson of The Quarantine is creating a large indoor-outdoor haunted house experience at 901 Veterans Parkway.


What can people expect from The Quarantine Haunted Theme Park, which is scheduled to open in Columbus on Oct. 17?

The city should look forward to what I consider the most active haunted house in over 15 years. We have different themes for different days. We have a "Carrie" scare, a paranormal activity scare and more.

It will be held at 901 Veterans Parkway. You will never see the same scare twice. People can choose their level of scare. We will be open for 19 days strong. We have "scare care" (daycare) for kids as well. I'm expecting to give the city something to look forward to yearly. This will be an annual event.

What's the toughest part of creating a haunted attraction?

The toughest part is actually doing the work. My team has been at it for months -- setting up perfect mazes, twisted corners and ridiculous scares. About 10 people did the hard labor work for the event.

The difference with The Quarantine is that everything we do will be based off real events. Each daily theme is based off of an actual incident or happening. I know Columbus has been dying to see something worth dying for so I am excited to be the first one to get that done in so long.

Your theme park includes a Killer Clown Maze. Why are clowns so darn scary?

I personally feel clowns are scary because of their innocent smiles, their sneaky glares, their big feet. The whole demeanor of a clown terrifies people -- the mysteriousness of it all, not knowing whether that smile is friendly or not. One movie that I can refer to that has people on the edges of their seats was the movie "It," and that is a classic clown scare.

What -- if anything -- scares you?

What a question. If I have to say, I'm not much of a clown fan. But not much scares me. However, I know very well what scares others from a general standpoint.

Most people fear the same things or close to the same things. I know that my personal goal with this haunted attraction is to make three grown men wet their pants before it's over. That would be super. So hey, on that note I am scared of The Quarantine.

Aside from your business, what's the best-kept secret in the Chattahoochee Valley?

Seriously, there are a few secrets in Columbus. Many of them of them I should probably leave as secrets so I can be the one to reveal them later.

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