Minor Changes

Posted on October 15, 2013 

Hi, Snakes fans--

     Day 2 of camp was more of the same, though Jerome changed the lines a little.

     Gone is the white line. The blue line had 5 members on it today and Daniel Amesbury moved to D. The latter isn't a big surprise. Once it was determined that Daniel was coming back, Jerome told me that he would play both up front and on the blue line.

     Here is how the lines stacked up on day 2:

  • Yellow--Gingera, Aide and Braid (no change)
  • Red--Draper, Lind, Bremner (no change)
  • Green--Bellamy, Ronsberg, Yuel
  • Blue--Zalba, Allan, McNulty, Wicklum, Henderson
     The format of camp remained the same. Drills for 45 minutes. A break for the players while the ice is resurfaced. Finally, a scrimmage.

      I went down to speak to Pete MacDougall, who was again officiating the scrimmage. Pete told me that he'll be back in the SPHL this season. Before I thought about it, I said..."oh, good!...sorry". He laughed and said, it was fine that he's back here. Of course, the officials are working their way up the hockey ladder, too. Pete will move up soon, I'm sure.

       Again, a good, physical, competitive camp. Many hard hits out there, but I believe Matt Gingera had the hit of the day. Not sure who he took into the boards, but pretty sure the player knew he'd been on the receiving end of that hit!

        Same time tomorrow for Day 3.

        Stay tuned.

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