Week One

Posted on October 17, 2013 

   Well, Snakes fans, the first week of camp ended today with a big weekend looming. Tomorrow night in Knoxville and the following night at the Ice Rink will determine the first round of cuts.

    Ya'all know I never speculate as to who will get the axe. Just my policy for a couple of reasons. First, it's not my place. I'm not the coach. I don't have his knowledge or expertise. I just plain don't know what to look for in evaluating talent. Mine is surface knowledge, not in-depth.

     Secondly, I know how disappointing it will be for the guys who are cut and I feel terrible for them. They are chasing a dream. Many of them it's to play pro hockey for the first time. Others specifically want to put the Snakes logo on their chests.

      I've said this many times in this space, but never was it more appropriate than this year. I sure would NOT want to be in Jerome's shoes. I don't know when, if ever, I've seen more talent in camp. JB needs to cut 4 forwards, 2 d-men and a goalie. Tough choices.

      One talented player is heading home before he even gets to practice. Jesse Slobodian suffered a concussion and isn't able to lace up the skates. Hate it for Jesse.

      Here is the way the Snakes lined up this morning:

  • Red: Draper, McNulty, Zalba
  • Blue: Allan, Braid, Aide
  • Gold: Bremner, Yuel, Henderson
  • White: Ballamy, Ronsberg, Wicklum
  • Green: Lind, Braid

  • Willigar and Johnson
  • Maldonado and Switzer
  • Kessler and Gray
  • Amesbury and Bailer

        You notice the first name listed on D is Andy Willigar. I didn't announce his signing because Jerome forgot to give him to me. It happens every year that a couple of players get overlooked.

         One battle is for the second goaltending spot behind Andrew Loewen. Rookies Jesse Chenard and Travis Bosch are in competition for that roster spot.

         We'll know more on Sunday. That's when Jerome makes his first cuts.

         Stay tuned.

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