From the Georgia locker room: 'Stick together'

semerson@macon.comOctober 19, 2013 

DAMIAN SWANN, junior cornerback

The reaction to this loss:

"It's unbelievable, man. Too many mistakes. We've gotta learn to put a team away. We're up by 10 at half, we get the ball first. We've just gotta put a team away, man. There's really not an excuse for it."

Richt's message in the locker room:

"Stick together. People are about to coming at us from all different angles now: We ain't this, we ain't that. We've got a quality team, we still can come back and shock the world. We probably can't go to our main dreams. But we've still got a lot to play for."

His game:

"I'd say I had a pretty decent day. there was a PI right here that should've been called that wasn't called. On top of that, with my muffed punt, we got a fourth-down stop (later on the drive) on a call that shouldn't have been called."

Is everybody really (ticked) about the call:

"Oh we're (ticked) about all the calls. But we're not ones to talk about officiating. We're gonna let coach Richt handle that."

JORDAN JENKINS, sophomore outside linebacker

After referring to "bad officiating":

"I'm not trying to say much, but that whole call was a B.S. call to me."

Both of the targeting calls?

"Just the rule in general."

And once more:

"I think it's going to ruin the game of football."

How devastating is this loss:

"It's definitely one that's gonna hit us deep. I mean, we thought we had it won. We should've won. Some unfortunate things happened today. And we just gotta come back ready to work."

AARON MURRAY, senior quarterback

The team going forward:

"This is where our leaders really, really have to step up. Make sure everyone stays focused, stays hungry, and keeps working."

More on going forward:

“This is a much needed open date, we got to figure this out. Do some soul searching and really figure out what we need to do individually and as a team to get better. There are still a lot of great games left, a big game versus Florida in a couple weeks. We got to put this one behind us, get back to work, find a way and like I said just keep getting better.”

When up 27-14, did you want to take more chances, do more, or were you limited:

"We just felt like we could run the ball. They did a better job towards the end of the game of really stuffing the run, and they just played extremely well today, you've gotta give them a lot of credit."

The lack of downfield passing:

"They did a lot in their scheme, and we just didn't make the plays. ... They didn't do anything, we just didn't make the plays. They made the plays down the stretch and we didn't."

COREY MOORE, junior safety

The targeting rule gives offense an advantage:

"It's like an extra man for the offense, to me really. Sometimes you're kind of timid as a tackler to go in and hit him like you want to, because there's a rule about it. It's a nagging rule, and I think it needs to be changed."

Shaq Wiggins, freshman cornerback

On his pick six:

“I kind of knew it was coming, the only play they really could have run there so I just read it before those big guys could get a hand on it. It was a great feeling, being my first pick six in an SEC game.”

On the team moving forward:

“We really wanted to win this game before the bye week, but now we can to go back to the drawing boards, go back to practicing the way we have been practicing, and just continue and focus on the next game.” On if the team’s goal still remains the same for the rest of the season:

“I think it will remain the same, we will just have to go game-by-game but our goal is still the same.”

BRENDAN DOUGLAS, freshman tailback

The general mood in the locker room:

"We're disappointed. I don't know. Disappointment."

His fumble:

"It's unacceptable to fumble."

How hard is this for you:

"Pretty hard."

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