Snakes Trim Roster

Posted on October 20, 2013 

      Final bit of news on this Saturday night...oops, make that Sunday morning:

      Jerome made two more cuts tonight and both were familiar names. Forwards Corey Bellamy and Jason Yuel were released after the game. This has to be the toughest part of Jerome's job and why, for the millionth time, I'm glad not to be him.

      It's got to be especially difficult for Jason, as he had such a tough start to the year last season. You'll remember that he got caught up in the numbers crunch and started the season in street clothes. He was signed a couple weeks into the season and was really looking forward to being on the roster Opening Night. 

     I hadn't even gotten a chance to speak to Corey yet. I was surprised to see him on Sunday when I did my meet-and-greet. Jerome thought he was headed to camp with his brother in Elmira and I don't think expected him here. 

     There are still cuts to be made, four of them, to be exact. There are now 22 names on the roster and it has to be pared down to 18. Here are the numbers now: 3 goalies, 7 D and 12 F. We know he'll cut 1 goalie, 1 d-man and 2 forwards. The question is...who?

       One question is where does Daniel Amesbury fit into the picture? He's played both on the blue line and up front in camp. His role is as a fighter, a situational player. So which slot do you use for him if you're Jerome? Corey's release probably indicates Jerome's intention to keep Daniel, since both are similar players. Will Aide doesn't mind dropping the gloves, but I don't think he's a true enforcer. That description would only fit Daniel.

      The goalie situation is tough. Both Jesse Chenard and Travis Bosch were a little shaky last night but both pitched a one-period shutout tonight. No more live action on which to base a decision, so I wonder what Jerome will do. You can only tell so much by what the guys do in camp.

       Will let ya'all know as soon as I hear anything else. 

       Stay tuned.

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