4 at 4: Afternoon links

rblack@ledger-enquirer.comOctober 21, 2013 

AUBURN, Ala. — I'm not purposely trying to get anyone into a somber mood. I'm not down on myself, either. Have that in mind while reading today's edition of "4 at 4," as three of the links trend toward the serious side.

1. If you were as shocked as I was Friday when I heard about the revolt of the Grambling State football team, find out the inside story if you haven't already. Sports Illustrated's George Dohrmann provides the scoop how the program Eddie Robinson once made famous is in shambles now due to a lack of funding and mismanagement by school officials.

2. Adrian Peterson didn't know he had a son until two months ago. After a senseless beating in Sioux Falls, S.D., the son of the Minnesota Vikings running back is dead. Kevin Armstrong of the New York Daily News traveled to South Dakota to try to find out more about Joey Patterson, the man who will stand trail for murder in this tragic killing. (One thing I would say after reading the article is that Patterson's dad does him no favors. Saying his son is "getting bitter" about things will win him zero sympathy in the court of public opinion when you're accused of killing a child.)

3. After linking to the story last week, I felt it was only fair to offer an update on the case in Maryville, Mo., revolving around sexual assault charges that were dropped against a local high school football player with high-level political connections in the state. After a firestorm of criticism following this story that ran in the Kansas City Star, the case has been reopened. A Missouri circuit court clerk said Monday that a special prosecutor has been appointed to look into the matter once more.

4. If you're still with me after all of that heavy reading and solemn subject matter, at least I won't end on sour note. Thank Les Miles for that. The LSU head coach never disappoints, and last week, he was in rare form. He went out of his way to wish people a "Happy Columbus Day," with reasoning and syntax only he understands.

Since I haven't ended these with a video in a while, enjoy this one.

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