Training Camp Ends

Posted on October 24, 2013 

      This was it, Snakes fans...the end of two weeks of training camp. It looks like Jerome has decided who he's taking to Pensacola on Friday night. This is the way the lines looked for the past three days of camp:

  • Matt Gingera-Jordan Braid-Dan Bremner
  • Tory Allan-Levi Lind-Will Aide
  • Seth Ronsberg-Jordan Draper-Ian McNulty
       Six d-men who made the cut are Tom Maldonado, Kyle Johnson, Chris Bailer, Andy Willigar, Kevin Kessler and Jason Gray.

        Andrew Loewen and Jesse Chenard are starting in net...for now. The goalie competition between the rookies continues. Look for it to be settled in the first couple of weeks of the season.

       Mike Switzer and Jordan Zalba are still practicing with the team as is goalie Travis Bosch. Jesse Slobodian continues to recover from a concussion and will probably head home soon. Jesse hasn't even started the concussion protocol, so it could be a while before he's cleared to play. 

       I believe this is one of the strongest fields the Snakes have ever had in camp. Lots of talent out there and a real intensity shown in practice. It looks like everybody is ready to go...from Tom, the only vet, to a talented group of rookies, to Dan, here from Knoxville and Seth, an FHL product. It seems like a really good group of guys. Nice, polite and friendly, too..a must for the beat writer!!

      So weird starting on the road this year, first time in 9 seasons! Planning to tune into the opener on Friday night and looking forward to the home opener on Saturday.

      Stay tuned.

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