5 Questions with Napoleon Dunn

October 27, 2013 

ROBIN TRIMARCHI/rtrimarchi@ledger-enquirer.comNapoleon Dunn, 26, a world traveler and former U.S. Army officer, runs The Naked Donut Company food cart at local events.

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How did your business, The Naked Donut Company, come about?

The Naked Donut Company came about during a brainstorming session between myself and a few friends. I wanted to start a business, and it had to meet three criteria: fun, community/social interaction, something that I enjoy. So after a few days I decided donuts would be the perfect idea.

From there, I went through a "due diligence" period where I shared the idea with my friends, family, and most importantly my young nieces and nephews. Fast forward through a few long nights of planning and The Naked Donut Company was born.

You offer a donut variety called "Achin' for Bacon." What makes the bacon-donut combination so fascinating?

The donut-bacon combination is so fascinating because it combines two things that people love: bacon and donuts! What smells better on a Saturday morning after sleeping in than donuts and bacon?

There is a natural synergy between the taste of a soft warm fluffy donut and the rich flavor of applewood smoked bacon.

So I combined the two and created Achin' for Bacon. Additionally, I took it a little further by adding maple glaze and cinnamon sugar.

So at the end of the day you have three breakfast staples: bacon, donuts and maple syrup, topped with a little cinnamon sugar.

They combine to create one of the best donut combinations you've ever had.

You currently operate as a catering business. Do you have any plans to expand your business?

I really want to focus on continuing to expand our catering operation. However, I do plan on expanding the business.

Obviously those who aren't at one of our catered events miss out on all the great things that we have to offer.

We are planning to make appearances at more events and venues that are open to the community similar to ones that we have done in the past, such as the Tri-City Latino Festival, Uptown Screen on the Green, and The My Church 5K Burrito Run. You can check us out on Facebook to find out where we will be next.

The food truck debate is getting lots of local attention. Would you like to see food trucks in Columbus?

Of course! I would love to see more food trucks in Columbus. There are a few trucks circulating around the Columbus area already, but you can never go wrong with more mobile food vendors.

I think in time more food trucks and events geared toward food trucks will begin to take place.

There were several food trucks at the Foodie Fest this year, so it's only a matter of time before a few turns into many, and the people of Columbus are provided several gourmet options with respect to food trucks.

You can certainly expect a "The Naked Donut Company" food truck in 2014.

Aside from your business, what's the best-kept secret in the Chattahoochee Valley?

The people of Columbus are the best-kept secret.

I'm not originally from Columbus, but the people of Columbus are some of the friendliest, easy-going, and supportive people I've encountered.

You can have all of the cool events and recreational activities, but if you are not with good people it is never as much fun as it could have been.

There is always something going on, whether it's whitewater rafting, Friday night concerts in Uptown Columbus or 5K runs, and you are always sure to encounter good, fun-loving people.

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