Comings and Goings

Posted on October 30, 2013 

     This is a tough business all the way around, Snakes fans. Difficult transactions by the Cottonmouths today.

     The team waived defenseman and assistant captain Kevin Kessler. I know that Kevin had high hopes for this season after a disappointing one a year ago. He came into camp determined and enthusiastic and made the opening night roster. But after two games, Jerome waived him. 

      I know that people come and go in professional sports, but I will really miss Kevin. He's always been friendly and very professional in his dealings with me. Much more importantly, he's a quality guy in the lockerroom and a leader on this team. When he speaks, the guys listen. I can't imagine how difficult the first practice was without him. Best of luck to Kevin, Heather and little Kipp. As I told him this afternoon, I hope our paths cross again. Kevin of the good guys. :)

      One man's loss is another's opportunity. Mike Switzer started the season in a suit on the sidelines and now will get Kevin's slot on D. Mike played a season in Augusta and was very eager for a fresh start here. If he literally gets Kevin's slot, he'll be paired with vet Tom Maldonado, a great experience for any defenseman.

      Speaking of tough days, rookie Seth Ronsberg's season could be in jeopardy, depending on MRI results due soon. A fluke play in practice ended with several guys falling to the ice. Unfortunately, for Seth...someone landed on him. He's out for 30 days minimum with a knee injury. Hoping it's not ACL or MCL problems that would require surgery. How about just a nice little sprain? Works for me...and Seth.

      Taking Seth's roster spot for now is rookie Jordan Zalba, who also joined the watching-and-waiting crew on opening weekend. Jordan will see his first action this weekend.

      Goaliegate continues. Jesse Chenard was waived today and Travis Bosch signed. This weekend will be Travis' final audition one night and Andrew Loewen will be in net the other. A decision on Andrew's netminding partner should come early next week.

      Jerome said that he's fiddled with the lines a little. No surprise there. He tinkers with them just as soon as I learn them...haha.

      Big weekend at the Pit. Hope you saw my story on Cpl Josh Hargis and his wife Taylor. Josh is a Ranger, stationed at Ft Benning. He lost his legs in the explosion of an IED in Afghanistan.

      Wanda Amos, she of the huge heart, is spearheading a fundraising campaign for the Hargis' young family, which will include their first baby in about six months. :) So bring those checks to Fan Relations (made payable to the Joshua Hargis fund) and buy extra chuck-a-pucks. Hope this yields a nice little nest egg to get these kids (he's 24 and she's 22) through some rough times ahead.

      Stay tuned.


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