Happy Halloween: Should there be an age limit for trick-or-treating?

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comOctober 31, 2013 

If you’re handing out candy, there’s a good chance you’ll see That Kid tonight. You know, the trick-or-treater who’s significantly older than his or her candy-hungry counterparts.

How do you handle the situation? Is trick-or-treating an ageless activity, or should we impose an age limit for door-to-door candy collection?

Google "trick or treat age limit law" and you'll find stories about cities that have attempted to legally impose an age limit for trick-or-treating.

The Associated Press explains, "Some cities across the country have adopted age limits — usually around 12 — for those who can travel door-to-door for candy and other Halloween fare. But while teen violators could face jail or fines up to $100, such laws are rarely strictly enforced."

I'm not surprised.

Confession: I remember trick-or-treating at least through my early years of high school. Go ahead and judge. Here's something equally fascinating: During one of my first Halloweens in Columbus, I had a parent knock on my door and ask for candy. I obliged.

I don't think there's anything wrong with big kids trick-or-treating, assuming they don't approach the night maliciously. Pumpkin smashers, I'm looking at you.

Do you support an age limit for trick-or-treating?

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