Cameron Bean returns to the South after a nice "paid vacation"

Posted on November 4, 2013 

It seemed like just yesterday that we were bidding Cameron Bean good-bye as he left for California on a new adventure.

Wait! It was just yesterday. It's two months later and he's heading back toward us.

Apparently, he and the team in San Jose had some "creative differences" in a lot of areas. I think working at the Springer Opera House had him spoiled with great leaders in Paul Pierce and Ron Anderson and a wonderful, hard-working board of directors.

Cam learned the hard way that not all theaters are run like the Springer. But it's probably a great learning experience, and a wonderful, paid two-month "vacation."

OK, I'm making light of the situation, but I'm just happy he's coming "home."

Home won't be here in Columbus, but he'll be in Atlanta, working as director of development at the Horizon Theatre, which is close enough for us to see him and for him to come visit us. And his parents in St. Mary's, Ga., will not have to drive cross country to visit. They'll just drive across the state.

In fact, I told him that he just liked driving. He laughed.

Here's what he said on Facebook:

"Transitions in life are challenging. But often, they are not so much about the act of moving, as they are about acknowledging the need to move. Some time ago, I recognized a need to move on from the Springer. It was a difficult decision, and one that did not lack for emotional turmoil. But it was the right decision at the right time. And while I thought I had the right place all figured out, I was wrong.

"So, after a brief visit, I am leaving California. I am heading to Atlanta to join the visionary team at Horizon Theatre. I am excited about the work, the company, the people and the possibility of making a contribution to their success. In short time, California has blessed me with wonderful new friends and invaluable experiences. I wish all the best for my colleagues and will certainly miss the vibrant spirit of San Jose.

"We are all working to make our transitions in life successful. And I am grateful to have such supportive friends and family (now on both coasts) to remind me 'life is a journey, not a destination.'"

I know he started driving back Tuesday. I'm not sure when he starts working, but he's already found a place to live. This time, he hired movers to bring his things back to Georgia.

So welcome back, Cam. And be careful driving!

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