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Posted on November 10, 2013 

    Tomorrow is the day, Snakes fans! Our first chat of the season. Don't you have a burning question about the 2013-2014 Snakes that you're dying to ask Jerome Bechard? Which of the new Snakes do you have a question about? What do you think of his goalie choice? How about the Snakes offense this year?

    Join Jerome at 12:30 on Monday afternoon on the newspaper's website. Just go to, log into the chat and fire away!

    A little food for thought: After 6 games this season, there are a whopping 8 Cottonmouths who are near, at or over the magical point-per-game mark. Yes, you read that correctly. After going 2-0 on the recent northern road trip, the Snakes' offense is clicking.

     Leading the pack is last season's leading scorer Matt Gingera (8 points), followed by almost-vet Levi Lind and rookie F Tory Allan with 7. At the 6-point mark are Dan Bremner, rookie Ian McNulty and rookie d-man Jason Gray. Next on the list with 5 points are veteran d-man Tom Maldonado and Jordan Braid, who was second only to Matt last season.

     Another surprising fact is that 6 games into the season, all but two players have at least one point. Captain Kyle Johnson and rookie F Jordan Zalba have yet to contribute offensively. This isn't Kyle's role and Jordan Z has only played four games, so no need to panic...haha.

     This is pretty unusual. At this point in the season, the Snakes' offense is normally just warming up. There are some who would say that the Snakes offense never did warm up last season. Somebody want to ask Jerome what's different this year? Maybe about the new-and-improved Levi? How about those rookies?

      Kudos to rookie goalie Travis Bosch, who recorded a shutout in only his second pro game...three weeks into the season...on the road. Read all about it on Sunday in my feature on Travis.

      Kind of a different weekend coming up. After a Fri.-Sat. road trip to face the MSRK and Knoxville, a Sunday matinee brings the Huntsville Havoc back to town.

      Don't forget the chat!! See you on Sunday at 4.

      Stay tuned. 

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