Inquirer: Burned out house on list to be demolished

mowen@ledger-enquirer.comNovember 10, 2013 

Burned out shell of a house is an eyesore on the corner of Third Avenue and 23rd Street.


UPDATE: OK, we can't take credit for this one. The property at 2300 Third Avenue is one of 13 properties Columbus Council will vote on Tuesday for demolition, according to council's agenda. I guess there wasn't enough wall left standing to spray the Big Red D on.


We don't get much snail mail here at Inquirer Central, but I got one this week that was on stationery festooned with American flags and butterflies, an unusual décor combination. It was from a Concerned Reader who has an impressive economy with the language:

"2300 Third Avenue.

"Burned out house.

"No words necessary.

"Your camera will tell it all."

No salutation, no signature, no return address.

Since no words are apparently necessary, I thought about just turning in a picture and taking the week off from writing, but I doubt I could sneak that past the boss.

So I rode over to 23rd Street and Third Avenue to see if the reader meant a burned out house or a burned outhouse, which would have made a better column. Alas, what remains on the lot is the shell of a small, wood-frame house that was so thoroughly burned, it's amazing it's still standing.

Maybe it's because the house was built in 1914, according to city records, and they used better wood back then. Who knows?

Anyway, what's left looks like it could fall over with a healthy gust of wind and end up in the westbound lane of 23rd Street. So I called Greg Coates, director of the city's Inspections and Codes Department, to see if anyone had reported it. But Greg was off, so I talked to Fred Cobb, the assistant director.

Cobb was very helpful, but he couldn't get me the information I needed (such as has it been reported or inspected or condemned) because the keeper of those records was also out for the day. (I gotta start calling the city on Thursday instead of Friday.)

But he did tell me he would get back to me this week on this property and on the one we reported about last week on Hamilton Road.

So we'll have a bonus double update next week. Try to contain your excitement.


Just one to update this week, but at least it's good news.

You will recall a couple of weeks ago a Concerned Artist on Veterans Parkway called to report a cracked utility pole that was looming over not only her house, but also her studio. It's hard to be creative with hundreds of pounds of cracked, creosote-soaked wood looming over you, I would think.

So she was very happy to learn that AT&T, the owner of the pole, checked it out and said they will replace not only that one, but also three others in the area that had gotten old and rickety.

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