'Nothing life threatening': Alleged abuser argues wounds weren't severe

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comNovember 12, 2013 

Gregory Davis

"Superficial wounds" was the argument a 36-year-old man used to argue that no crime had been committed after he allegedly admitted to hitting his partner in their apartment, according to a Columbus Police report.

Off. Jason Swails told a Tuesday morning Recorder's Court that he arrived at a Meadow Drive apartment complex at about 3:30 a.m., looking for callers who reported a half hour earlier that someone in the residence was beating up a woman.

Swails found the victim, along with suspect Gregory Davis, standing in the doorway apartment. Davis did not speak at first, but stood close to the victim in a stance Swails described as threatening.

When Swails began speaking with the victim, she appeared not to want officer assistance. The woman continued turning her bruised and abrased face out of the light, and tried to hide her scratched arm. She also had knots on her head and seemed visibly shaken.

She told Swails nothing bad had happened, but after he asked what happened to her face, she looked toward Davis and offered no explanation.

A visitor inside the apartment broke the silence with a shouted explanation of events. "He was beating her a-- in the corner," the man allegedly told Swails, pointing toward Davis the whole time. "I tried to tell him, 'You can't hit a female here in Georgia, you'll go to jail.'"

Swails said the man recounted the night, saying that Davis began acting violent after he saw the victim speaking with two male victims in the living room. He allegedly backed her into a corner, grabbed her arm to keep her still and hit her about the face repeatedly.

After the visitor spoke up, Davis admitted to hitting the woman. But the injuries weren't worth concern, he argued, as he explained his actions to Swails.

"He told me, 'She ain't hurt bad. Her wounds are just superficial. Nothing life threatening,'" Swails told the court Tuesday.

Davis, who offered no statements during court, was charged with battery with visible harm. He also has an unrelated violation of probation case.

Judge Michael Cielinski set Davis' bond at $1,000, with conditions requiring he stay away from the victim. His case will be bound over to State Court.

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