POLL: Do you approve of the job Mayor Tomlinson has done?

chwilliams@ledger-enquirer.comNovember 13, 2013 

Do you approve of the job Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is doing?

Mayor Tomlinson has been in office for three years, and reviews of her first term are starting to roll in.

WRBL-TV ran an online poll Tuesday and into Wednesday. The question: “It has been three years since Mayor Teresa Tomlinson took office in Columbus. Are you satisfied with her first three years in office?”

The unscientific poll stayed up for nearly 34 hours and about 1,488 votes were cast, according to WRBL News Director Perry Boxx. The results: 368 votes or 24.7 percent yes; 1,120 votes or 75.3 percent no.

Wednesday morning, Tomlinson said she put zero stock in the poll.

“It is not reflective of what is out there,” the mayor said. “I feel confident about that. ... I am not saying everybody is happy and there are not some disappointed people, but, by in large, people are very happy with our city. Our city has never been more alive.”

One of the people who found the results interesting was Zeph Baker, the only announced opposition to Tomlinson in 2014. The mayor soundly defeated Baker in a runoff three years ago.

Baker insists he did not use his campaign organization to skew the results of the recent WRBL poll.

“I tried to make sure we didn’t put the word out,” Baker said. “I wanted to see what people outside our group thought about it. What amazed us was, we think that was Columbus speaking.”

Now it's your turn: we're running our own poll, asking the same question, for the same length of time.

Note: if you're wondering, the follow-up questions in the poll are produced by our poll generator to prevent bots. That's why they seem weird.

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