Victim in deadly Benning Drive shooting jailed

benw@ledger-enquirer.comNovember 16, 2013 

A passenger who was riding in the car during a deadly shooting on Benning Drive was jailed Friday after his release from Midtown Medical Center, officials said. Travis Dashawn Porter, 32, of Macon, Ga., was a passenger in the 2010 Ford Focus driven by Dior T. Cheney on Oct. 29 when a gunman opened fire at Head Street and Benning Drive. Cheney, also of Macon, was stuck in the head and died at the scene of the shooting.

Porter, a former Columbus resident, was picked up by a friend and rushed to the hospital where he was treated for three gunshot wounds, two to his buttocks and one in the abdomen, said his sister April Porter. Travis Porter was in Recorder’s Court Saturday to face an aggravated assault charge in connection with a shooting at a house party on Garden Drive.

Police said the suspect took an assault rifle to the 2609 Garden Drive home after he was ejected from the event. He was accused of firing into a crowd, wounding a 31-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman in August.

The charge was dismissed in Recorder’s Court but Porter is still being held without bond in the Muscogee County Jail on a probation violation. Jail officials said he will face that charge in Muscogee Superior Court.

The sister said her brother couldn’t have been involved in the house party shooting because he left Columbus in 2012.

“He went to Atlanta first, then he went to California,” she said. “Then he got with his girlfriend in 2012 in Macon. I don’t know what is going on with that.”

On the evening of the shooting, April Porter said she doesn’t know why her brother and Cheney were in Columbus. Residents on Benning Drive have said the men were selling children clothes from the car.

After talking with her brother, the sister said she learned the men were headed back to Macon when Cheney drove on Head Street and pulled up to the stop sign at Benning Drive.

“When they got to the stop sign, somebody was standing at the corner,” she said. “He was telling him to pull off.”

That’s when someone fired into the car from the passenger’s side. In an attempt to avoid the gunfire, Travis Porter jumped over Cheney on the driver’s side to flee, April Porter said.

The car ended up across the street, striking a fence. The shooting has only left more questions for the sister, she said.

“How did they know my brother was coming here?” she asked. “I believe it was a set up.”

If her brother had a problem with someone, she said Porter wouldn’t involve anyone else. “If my brother got a beef with somebody, he is going to handle it himself,” she said. “He doesn’t need anybody with him. He doesn’t need any help.”

For the last couple of weeks, the sister said police wouldn’t allow anyone to talk to her brother or to receive visitors in the hospital.

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