Inquirer: Former trailer park turns into a varmint farm

mowen@ledger-enquirer.comNovember 17, 2013 

This former trailer park on Farr Road is an overgrown haven for vermin, area residents say.


You don't often come across a property that would actually benefit from the presence of trailers, or mobile homes, if you prefer.

Such is the case at 988 Farr Road, which was called in by two Concerned Readers, who asked not to be identified. It apparently was a trailer park at one point, but the trailers and tenants are long gone, unless you count all the varmints that must be residing among the tall weeds and overgrown underbrush.

The property is criss-crossed by crumbling blacktop roads with asphalt pads where the trailers once sat. Everywhere there isn't asphalt -- and in some places where there is -- chest-high weeds grow.

A woman who said she lives in an apartment complex that's adjacent to the property said she's certain critters such as rats and snakes come out of the property and into the complex. And she hates that one of the windows in her apartment looks out over the overgrown mess.

"I don't even want to have company over sometimes with that ugly view out my bedroom window," she said.

Being a gentleman, I decided not to ask her what her company was doing in her bedroom.

Another Concerned Reader called to say he walks up and down Farr Road in that area and aside from it just being ugly, he too worries about vermin and snakes amid the overgrowth.

"It's been like that for a while," he said.

I'll report it to Special Enforcement Manager Drale Short and see if it's a candidate for sending an officer out to assess the situation.

Short, you may know, also oversees the Animal Care and Control Center. You may also know that the city is currently launching a Community Cat program, which manages feral cat colonies by trapping, neutering and releasing the cats back to the colonies.

Maybe the property is a candidate for that, which would help hold down the varmint and vermin population.

Just a thought.


I promised two updates last week, you may recall.

One of the updates actually got reported Monday in the online Inquirer after I looked over a list of proposed demolitions on the Columbus Council agenda.

The burned out house at the corner of Third Avenue and 23rd Street that we wrote about last week was on it, and council approved its demolition the next day.

As for the other property, at 4314 Hamilton Road, I got a call back from Fred Cobb, assistant director of Inspections and Code. He reports that the department has contacted the owners of the building and is working with them to get some of the issues taken care of.

Seen something that needs attention? Contact me at 706-571-8570 or

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