From the locker room: 'It's sickening'

semerson@macon.comNovember 23, 2013 

The reaction in the Georgia locker room following its 59-17 win at Kentucky was dominated by a player who wasn't there: Aaron Murray, who was at the hospital getting an MRI on his knee.

MARK RICHT, head coach

How hard it was watching Murray be carried off:

"It's just sickening. I mean I really had a hard time enjoying the rest of the game. There were a couple moments, liken when Hugh (Williams, a walk-on senior tight end) caught the ball over the middle ... There were some other great moments too. But it was hard to have a lot of fun. Even right now, I'm glad we won and I'm really proud of how we did, but it's kind of a crummy feeling right now when we think about what Aaron is going through right now."

On a prognosis:

"I don't know, there may be something tomorrow, there could be something by the night's over. I don't know right now. ... We X-ray certain things. And when you get to knees, it needs an MRI. You just don't know until you go in there and take a look."

Safe to say he won't play at Tech:

"Yeah I think it'd be tough for him to play this week. I wouldn't count out the bowl right this minute. But it'd be tough, I think it'd be tough. We'll see."

Murray wouldn't leave the game:

"He just didn't wanna get out. That's when you just didn't know how severe it was. You knew something was going on. And a week ago his back got hurt a little bit and that's what we thought it was. And it turned out it was his knee. We had already made the sub. We were going to Hutson, and Murray was on the bike and everything, and I said: Did anybody tell Murray yet? So I'm going to tell Murray that you're out, and he was just adamant that he wanted to play, and he was fine. So I said: Get on the headset and convince your coach (Mike Bobo). So he got on the phone to Mike, and Mike said: 'I better see you running on the sideline before you get back in there.' And he convinced him that he could go back in there and play. But as it went on it was pretty evident that he wasn't safe to be in there."

Hutson Mason's performance:

"Hutson did a nice job. I've been saying it a lot, but Hutson's been ready here for a couple years now, and obviously last year we redshirted him so he couldn't play. And this year there are so many close games we thought we would have played him more this year."

On the defense:

"Overall, it was a very good performance by our defense. I thought they played extremely well throughout."

MIKE BOBO, offensive coordinator

Trying to pull Murray:

"He said he was fine and wanted to go. Because I tried to put Hutson in and basically he wouldn't let me. He said, 'I'm fine, I'm playing.' I said, Well I need to see you move around out there. He moved around, and moved around pretty good. He's a tough kid, and I'm honored really to coach him and be getting to know him for the last five years. We'll see what happens with the MRI. But I'm proud with him tonight. I'm proud with the whole team tonight."

Murray waving off Mason:

"It speaks to who he is and his toughness. He wanted to lead this team his last night in Sanford Stadium. I tried to take him out two drives before, I tried to take him out when he was hurt. I told Hutson he was in, to get snaps. (Murray) got on the headset and said 'No, I'm playing.' That just speaks to the kid he is and the toughness he has. And our team believes in him and plays for him. And I think the way they played while he wasn't in there just speaks volumes for him, really."

TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

Other than the 69-yarder, a strong game:

"I was proud of the guys that played the first three-and-a-half quarters. I really felt those guys prepared all week and had energy all week, and that's a statement to their character and their toughness, and they came out ready to play. We had one bust (the rushing touchdown) and we should have gotten in the middle of the field on that play, and we didn't. But the guys learned from it and moved on. I thought they played hard and with energy and did the things we need to do."

Josh Harvey-Clemons (two fumble recoveries) responding after last week's mistake:

"Josh has done a good job of trying to get the ball out. He actually got one out at Auburn last week and they didn't give it to us. He's a guy that keeps working hard, he's got a lot of pride in his craft, as far as playing the game. He's gonna be a really good player. I was pleased with his effort this week, and the way he bounced back and prepared. And to his credit he got some production this week which was good to see. I was really proud of what he did."

Now playing the triple-option, what are you able to take out of this game?

"Nothing. Nothing. You start over again when you play that stuff. So just start over again and get ready to play the different style of blocks and stuff you're going to see. So we'll put on the pads on Monday."

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