Court: Alleged abuser fights police during arrest

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comNovember 26, 2013 

Brandon Weaver

Police say Brandon Weaver's combative streak came to a halt Monday after he allegedly decided to fight two officers who arrested him for publicly punching his girlfriend.

The 30-year-old faced two felony counts of obstruction of law enforcement and battery with physical harm Tuesday during a Recorder's Court hearing.

Officers John Papay and Christopher Coleman said their encounter with Weaver started after several juveniles reported Weaver for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face on the 2700 block of Lee Street. The minors told police they heard Brandon repeatedly threatening his girlfriend, at one point stating that if she didn't hurry up he would "drag her down the street by her hair."

When Papay and Coleman arrived, they found Weaver's girlfriend with a bleeding cheek and red face.

Weaver denied hitting his girlfriend, and said they were just walking down the street. But when Coleman tried to ask his girlfriend about the injuries, she continuously changed her story, saying alternately that she either fell down or was punched by an unknown person while she and Weaver were walking down the street.

So, Papay and Coleman proceeded to take Weaver into custody. As they tried to subdue him, Weaver allegedly began lashing out — striking Papay in the jaw and Coleman in the abdomen and the chest.

The fight ended abruptly after Papay Tased Weaver in the side, the officer told the court.

Neither the officers nor Weaver had visible injuries during Tuesday's hearing. Weaver said he suffered two broken ribs from the fight, but denied striking the officers or his girlfriend.

"Only thing I did wrong was run, because I got scared," Weaver said. "I couldn't take both of these guys at once."

Though normally such an incident would be a misdemeanor offense, Judge Michael Cielinski retained the felony status of the charges because Weaver allegedly has six prior similar offenses.

Weaver's bond was set at $6,000.

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