Chattahoochee Chatter: Have a safe Thanksgiving

November 27, 2013 

Happy Thanksgiving from all the residents of Chatterville. May it be a joyous and safe holiday for you all.

Speaking of safety, this public service message comes from the Alabama Department of Public Safety, but it certainly is echoed this long Thanksgiving weekend by their Georgia counterparts across the Chattahoochee River -- drive defensively, be patient behind the wheel and obey the traffic laws. Most importantly, don't drink and drive.

Alabama and Georgia state troopers, along with local police, will be out in force over the next four days, giving area residents extra incentive to have a safe, happy and event-free holiday.

Alabama law enforcement said additional shifts and patrols are being added through midnight Sunday, with officers looking for motorists who have partied too much, are speeding or driving distracted, and those following other vehicles too closely.

"Our goal during this 102-hour safety campaign is simple: to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities," said Col. Hugh McCall, Alabama's top public safety official and highest-ranking trooper.

So enjoy the turkey, dressing and casseroles this Thanksgiving, folks. But play it safe and make sure you're around for the Christmas and New Year's holidays as well.


Leaving the Citizen Service Center around 10 o'clock Tuesday night, after yet another four-hour-plus Columbus Council marathon, we overheard a councilor opining that perhaps they should go back to meeting every week.

A few years back, councilors decided to cut back on the meeting schedule, going from four a month to two, with a third set aside solely for proclamations and such. Business meetings would be at 9 a.m. on the second Tuesday and at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth.

Problem is, the business of government remained at the same level, so instead of four two-hour meetings, they're now sitting through two four-hour (and sometimes up to six-hour) meetings.

They're also subjecting people who must come before them for official business to sitting through hours of minutia and municipal munge to get their brief audience before the Giant Horseshoe.

As veteran observers of this legislative body, we would wholeheartedly support going back to four meetings a month, but we might offer another observation.

A few councilors are just way, way, way too fond of the sound of their own voices and feel compelled to pipe up on every single issue, often adding little more than bulk volume to the discussions at hand.

But expecting a politician to stop talking is like expecting a cat to stop napping. Ain't gonna happen.


In this week of being thankful for blessings of good health and happiness, this one is a bit more materialistic, but a nice treat just the same.

Employees at credit-card processor TSYS and those investing in its stock were pleasantly surprised by the 52-week trading high reached by the Columbus-based global company on Monday.

Shares rose to a yearly high of $31.52 that day, but slipped slighly lower in trading Tuesday. The stock was climbing a tad on Wednesday, but it didn't appear it would reach yet another high before Thanksgiving Day.

Still, it's a decent monetary gift in the proverbial stocking of those who work for the high-tech firm or sink their investment dollars into it.

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