Amesbury Era Ends

Posted on December 6, 2013 

      Daniel Amesbury was placed on team suspension yesterday for a violation of team policies and has been contacted by a couple of CHL teams. Regardless of where he ends up, it appears that Daniel's tenure with the Cottonmouths is over.

      Bringing Daniel back this season was a controversial move. Team owner Wanda Amos and GM/coach Jerome Bechard followed their hearts in giving Daniel a chance when nobody else would. Both Wanda and Jerome believed that Daniel deserved the opportunity to make a fresh start. It obviously didn't work out as they'd hoped.

      Daniel may well land with another team, but the Snakes offered his best chance for a new beginning. He was in familiar surroundings with a legion of devoted fans. He was part of a first-class organization that went way out on a limb for him. Not sure what the future holds for Daniel, on or off the ice.

      As ya'all know, Daniel still faces a host of serious charges in Vancouver resulting from the June 2011 post-Stanley Cup Final riot.  He is charged with one count each of assault, participation in a riot, disguising his face with intent to commit a crime, and breaking and entering, along with four counts of mischief.

      Daniel's next court date is scheduled for Dec. 13, an arraignment which he and his attorney will attend. Daniel will plead guilty or not guilty and indicate how he wants to proceed. A plea bargain is still a possibility or Daniel has the right to ask for a trial, according to Constable Brian Montague of the Vancouver Police Department.  

      Jerome is signing two forwards who will both play in Saturday night's game in Knoxville. Steve Mele and Nielsson Arcibal are the two newest Snakes. Steve played nine games this season with Greenville (ECHL). The Bronx, NY native played four seasons with American International College.

      Nielsson, who hails from Vista, CA, is also an AIC grad, who saw brief action with South Carolina (ECHL) and St. Charles (CHL).

      It'll be interesting to see how these new guys do on Saturday night and how the "old" guys respond to two new challengers for their jobs. 

      Stay tuned.

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